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Gangster's Surgery Pictures

Guest Gangstersmom

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Guest sunshine123



Gangster had his surgery last Thursday to remove the tumor that was growing bigger and bigger on his paw. Surgery was a success and the biopsy results came back benign :confetti:confetti:confetti .




NOW, how does one keep a sneaky Greyhound from licking his boo-boo?????


I have tried my socks, baby socks and following him around endlessly...... But, somehow ~ the minute I turn my back, he is in it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I muzzle him and crate him while I am at work..... I thought I would give him a break from all that this weekend. Any ideas? E-collar won't happen!! That will just freak him out!!!



Pictures below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





































































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I am really happy he is back home and recovering I am sorry besides using the sock and you can't do the e-collar, and I don't think a thera paw will fit over that, I am really not sure. We are praying that it is a really quick recovery.

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Guest sunshine123

I feel bad. He is going to think his new name is "leave it". Poor guy.



He is on antibiotics 3 times a day.


Tramodyl for pain twice daily.


Previcox once daily for pain.



Which, with the above assortment, does make him sleep more than usual.

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Muzzle with a poop cup or tape, and a plain old sock over the foot.


Actually doesn't look bad -- that should heal nicely.


So glad to hear it was benign!

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I've found that putting a baby sock on the foot followed by the foot from a pair of child's tights/pantyhose works well. None of my kids will lick owies if they have pantyhose on (I don't think they like how it feels on their tongues)

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Muzzle and poop cup works pretty good. If you are concerned about having a poop cup on all the time, you can cut it in half to make it more open to keep him cooler. Someone just gave me that idea recently - I thought it was super.


I've also been successful with a sock taped at the top and put something like bitter apple on the sock. A vet in KC makes up a great mixture of bitter apple and liquid heat that works really good. They don't want any part of that taste!




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Another vote for bitter apple spray. You can spray it on the sock. It's deterrent value will dissipate in about 10-12 hours, so you will need to re-spray. Do you have winter boots? I put Jamaica in a winter boot with velcro straps and sprayed that too. If I did it again, however, I would cut a hole in the boot -- her foot really sweat in the boot, and I took it off anytime she was laying where I could monitor her.

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Guest Greensleeves

E-collar may ultimately be your best bet. Nelly was in one for five weeks last year, after ear surgery. What our vets told us was that the first 24 hours are the worst--but after that, they really seem to settle in fine. That was certainly true in Nelly's case! Plus, when we were able to watch her and reasonably certain she wouldn't kick at her head :rolleyes:, she got a break from the collar.


Another alternative is the Comfy Cone, a soft e-collar: http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com/itemdy00...?T1=D81037+BK+S

My allergy kids love theirs, altho' I'm not sure how well they'd do at protecting a *paw,* and for long-term use, they do tend to lose a little bit of rigidity. But for a couple of days, long enough to take a hound's mind off an injury, it might be perfect. Neither of my guys has protested even a little bit about having to wear theirs.

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Guest EMcElfresh

You can use a "cervical collar" - or "bite not" collar - Gordon had one when he had his tail amputated, it doesn't block their eyesight so they don't freak out ... you can make one by rolling up a towel, then wrapping it around his neck and securing it with duct/packing tape. We made a tiny one out of a facecloth for Pepper (chi) after her spay so she wouldn't lick.



This is Gordon in his Bite Not collar (we were trying to make it more festive with the bandanna :lol ), and a link to how to make one yourself out of a rolled up towel.

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