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Vomiting...what's "normal"

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Lucius has vomited 3 times in the past month. Once was in the car and it was HOT outside, so I figure that was just too much for him. (I know I was feeling nauseous in South Carolina hell heat) However, about 4 weeks ago he vomited up a little bit...and then ate it before I could get to it...and this morning he woke me up with a vomit. He's healthy, active, (almost a little too active to be a greyhound...lol) and has not lost weight. The vet says sometimes things just don't sit right so they do that and as long as it comes out and is not constantly hapenning he's ok....but what are your experiences?

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Mine rarely vomit... less than once maybe every 6 months. My Bridge angel, Wells used to gack up water if he drank too fast or too much. I guess mine get enough treats between meals to prevent the yellow bile vomit mess. :rolleyes:

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Guest fatesrelease

My cat suki- a siamese vomits up her food often, and they haven't been chewed or anything. She throws up food a loooot. But she's ok, the vet has checked her, but she just has upset stomach/sensative stomach. As long as they don't throw up all the time I think it's just a normal function. Just make sure he doesn't start throwing up more often and it becomes bile, because then dehydration can be a factor.

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Has anything in his food or treats changed? If he is on kibble does it smell fresh?

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Mine hack something up every so often (about once every month or so), and it doesn't seem related to anything in particular. Mostly it happens around 4 am so it wakes me up from a sound sleep! (They should make an alarm clock with that sound. I'd wake up every time!). If he's not in any distress, and is healthy otherwise, I might be inclined to say it's just "one of those things."


greysmom :D

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Guest StriderDog

Some barf more than others.


Hot temperatures + exertion (like taking a long walk in the heat) will make pups puke. So will riding in cars, so I think that first puke is easily explainable.


The morning puke is common if the pup has an empty stomach - sometimes the stomach acid gets bored with nothing to do and decides to visit the outside world. :lol Best bet is to give a biscuit or two before bed each night.


Just like us, sometimes our pups just don't feel great. I wouldn't worry too much, but keep track and make sure that there aren't any preventable common factors.

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