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Not Eating- Need Advice

Guest Shannon

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Guest Shannon

Just wondered if anyone has any ideas or input. I have a 12 year old greyhound that is starting to waste away. I have had ever test we could think of done to determine why she is not eating. I have had her to my vet tons of times and also to an internal medicine vet also. It is not something that came on suddenly, she has had a sensitive stomach for the last 6 years, it is just getting worse. I have had an ultrasound and bloodwork and everything comes back fine. She has cardiac disease but the cardiologist doesnt think it is related. I have been syringing Science Diet AD into her everyday and feeding her baked chicken and rice. But she continues to lose weight. I realize that this may just be a age progression thing but I am just trying to do everything I can to keep her eating. We have tried B-12 shots and that made no difference. If I feed hamburger and rice she tends to get the runs and her stomach gets upset. I have her on Metoclopramide for her nausea, benzapril and furosemide for her heart. The internal medicine dr put her on Mirtazapine ( like prozac) to hope to increase her appetite and diazapam as needed to increase it and for anxiety. I feed her yougart which she sometimes eats but pretty much she wont eat anything unless I syringe it down her. I feel like the vets are out of ideas. I am just putting it out there to see if anyone has any ideas whether what to feed her or medication that the vets havent thought of. I have tried cottage cheese, eggs, etc and she wont eat any of it. It is just so heartbreaking to watch this happen to her and not know what to do. If anyone has any advice it will be greatly appreciated!

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Shannon, I'm VERY sympathetic to your dilemma. We've got THREE 12-year-olds in our house at the moment. One will be 13 in February. Another was returned to our group after 8 years in a home because the adopters were divorcing and neither of them would/could take her.


We have the exact same problem here, just not to the degree you describe. Have you tried canned green tripe? We use the one from Solid Gold. Tripett also makes this stuff.


It's the lining from the fourth stomach of a cow. The "green" tripe includes the contents of the stomach, all essentially digested. YES, I know this sounds absolutely disgusting, but the dogs go NUTS for it. Beware, it does stink to high heavens. It contains lots of digestive enzymes which may help with your dog's appetite.


I found Solid Gold Green Tripe at a pet specialty store that carries a lot of natural and holistic pet foods. You might want to check with natural food stores in your area. Check out:

http://www.solidgoldhealth.com/ and



Acidolphus tablets (very similar to yogurt culture) might be helpful too. The culture may help with her nausea.




Mom to Palm City Roxie ("Roxie"). Remembering Heizer Jordan ("Jordan"), DB's PickedtoWin ("Andy"), CB Ectasy ("Ecstasy"), Oshkosh Unafraid ("Tribute"), Arathorn, WV's Imperial ("Abby") and her brother WV's Institute ("Mojo") and KB's Gameboy ("Game Boy"), who've all gone to the Bridge. Working with Austin Greyhound Adoption <austingreyhounds.org>.

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Does she still have the sensitive stomach, or can she tolerate most/all foods?


There isn't anything (legal) that gives the munchies like Valium does. If she doesn't eat on Valium, then I don't have many ideas for you (aside from liver/??? brownies... j/k). Cyproheptadine is another appetitie stimulant, but it's used more in cats.


If she can tolerate most feeds, start with something stinky and tasty like Nutro High Energy canned. If there is a reason why she can't have a higher fat diet, Waltham Senior canned is quite palatable, without the fat. It won't pass muster with the "ingredient Nazis", but most old dogs will eat it and it's a fair subsitute for a kidney-type diet if a dog simply won't eat the prescription stuff.


Yogurt is good. Cottage cheese (whole milk) is another option. Ask your supermarket meat cutter to mix some beef heart and suet and run it through the grinder.... it's a tasty treat that has some good calories and won't break the bank.


Drinks like Ensure can be helpful if the dog will drink it. Non-alcoholic malt beverages like Malta Goya are also helpful for calories.... you can soak their feed in it. It's tasty and pretty heavy on calories.


I hope this helps a bit. Best of luck!



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Guest Shannon

She does have trouble tolerating foods. It is almost like she wants to eat things and then she cant make herself. She will try and then she will try to bury it with her nose, which I have been told that is a sign of nausea. Thank you for the advice. I am definately going to try that gross green tripe. At this point anything that I can get her to eat on her own is worth trying. I am worried that she will end up with the runs trying something new but I guess I need to take that chance. I have been told that maybe she has a tumor or something that they couldnt detect with the ultrasound, but I almost wonder if it is like IBS. Andys mom is this a common thing with all your seniors or just one? I just wonder if it is just an age thing. It sure is hard to accept though. Thanks to everyone for your advice I will try all of them and keep them coming if you have any suggestions!

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The things that helped Batman's appetite most were Pepcid (famotidine) and prednisone (low dose). He had terminal cancer (internal tumor). I gave the pepcid 10mg two or three times a day for @ 5 months, the prednisone (5-10mg?) twice a day for 2-3 months. Some things he especially liked that might not leap to a person's mind:


Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl bread

graham crackers


Lean Cuisine chinese sesame noodles (Sesame Chicken?)


And some tricks for getting him started on a meal:


warming it a bit in the microwave

melting a good spoonful of vanilla ice cream or honey on top

feeding it one spoonful at a time, out of a people bowl

sitting down next to him and eating one bite myself, then giving him a bite, then me, then him .....


If what I had was Tripett or Solid Gold Tripe, I only pretended to take a bite myself :lol .


Hugs and luck to you.



Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
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You could try giving her Pepcid about 30 minutes before you offer her food. I would try the Pepcid three times a day for a while and see if it helps.

Some foods to try;

Baked chicken, remove skin and fat and just shred with your fingers.

Boiled ground round, drain liquid.

Very tender roast beef.

Vanilla yogurt and Rice Krispies.

Meat loaf (no onions) meat, eggs, oatmeal, a little tomato sauce, bake.

Cook macaroni from Kraft mac & cheese, drain then mix the powdered cheese, no butter.

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Pepcid, tagamet or zantac and carafate (prescription med--it is wonderful!)


Skip the rice and try boiled roast or chicken. If you want a filler, try pasta or potatoes.


I personally wouldn't add a med like prozac to her regiment. Have you checked the side effects of the heart medication? Can she take pred? Low dose might increase her appetite but make sure you support her stomach!

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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Guest Shannon

Is tripett the same stuff as the green tripe by solid gold? I am having a problem locating anyone that carries the solid gold green tripe. She has a senstive stomach, does anyone know if this is hard on the stomach. Sorry this is the first I had heard of this stuff and would love to try it.

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No advice as I have an ongoing issue with my 9 year old... just lots of hugs to both of you. I FEEL YOUR FRUSTRATION.




Here is the site to order the tripe. I just took a truck load of a delivery yesterday. Polli LOOOOOOOVED it the 1st time she tired it, whether or not this will continue... we shall see.

My girl likes the lamb but not the beef, but she doesn't like beef to begin with. Weird.

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Guest IrskasMom

I have to agree with Batmom and Burpdog . I have a very picky Eater to . Since he is on Pepcid or also

Prilosec OTC for his weight acordingly, he is eating twice a Day .And also he likes his Food slightly warmed

in the Microwave.

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