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Good News For Puppy Bella

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My puppy, Bella is now six months old, was just spayed and had a deformed toenail removed. At age 13 weeks she had surgery to try to repair her front deformed leg. Bella had a piece of her ulna removed to try to straighten out her leg, vet was very concerned that both growth plates were so damaged she may lose the leg regardless.


Bella at vet today to have stitches removed from spay and toenail removal. Vet said the leg is growing, it is a bit shorter than the other front leg but, he said she should be able to keep it!!! I am so happy and so is Bella. Bella walks kinda with a hippity hop when she goes fast but otherwise uses the leg well. I think it gives her a little more personality!

She is now 42 pounds and growing, a far cry from the tiny pup I had and used to carry around everywhere. She is now all back legs, gangly and goofy!


Oh yeah, she inherited the greyhound drama queen gene, all yips and screams when the vet removed the stitches in her toe, although I'm sure it was very tender.

Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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