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Heartguard Plus = Loose Stools?

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My kids have been on Heartguard Plus for over three years now. They've never had a problem with it. Yesterday they had their chewable tablet and come today they both have soft stools. Is this a side effect of the med? The only other change was some pizza crust and a dental stick. But they have had that before too and it never caused a problem.


Any thoughts?


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My thought would be that it's more likely a bug than the Heartguard, since they've taken it for so long.

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Guest Sniffy

My bridgegirl Twiggy used to get soft stools for about a day after taking heartguard, but your case sounds different if it only started happening now after several years with no side effects.

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Guest Cris_M

Duncan has been on Heartguard Plus since November when we got him and I think before that at the adoption kennel. No problems whatsoever. However, when he got his pill this past Saturday, it really tore his stomach up -- wouldn't eat, some vomiting, and loose stools. Nothing in his diet had changed. So, his response was very, very much like your kids, and I am sure that it was the pill.


With Duncan, I think what has changed is that he is raw fed. He no longer eats foods that aren't close to what a wolf would eat. I don't think his body tolerates "poisons" very well any more. It is giving me pause to wonder if I should even be giving him the Heartguard still -- especially since we are having an awful flea problem in our locale this year, Duncan has had no flea treatment of any kind, and he has no fleas. Maybe it is coincidence, but it may also be that he is very, very healthy now. Just thoughts.


Anyway, I guess the short answer to your question is, yes, Heartguard Plus does seem to cause intestinal upset in some dogs.

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it could just be the three things together...dental sick, heartguard and pizza. I'd just wait and see how they are tomorrow :)



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Probably not the Heartgard since you have not had this happen in over three years.

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