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I know this has probably been discussed many times...but couldnt find my answer...Garry has a corn which is not causing him any pain. I attempted to remove it to see if it would come out easy. i can see the round defined ends of the corn. Anyway..not much luck. SO, should I soak it and put a drop of salysyllic (spelling) on it? or just leave it alone?

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I don't have a specific answer to your question, but this link has good info on corns:


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I wouldn't recommend that you try to pull the corn out yourself. Doing it without a dental elevator always seems to leave some of it behind. That said if you want to do it yourself there has been luck by giving bee propolis (look up Xan's post about this). Also, kennelmom has luck with this protocol corn remedy

I personally prefer to have my vet do it and between treatments we use kerasolv and abreva.

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