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  1. This is probably totally irrelevant but it just made me think of a dog I met at the vets. It was a border collie, according to his owners he reacts really badly to ill people. They were telling me that he growls like crazy at a person on their street who has cancer. He was completely fine with them but one day the dog just started growling at him/her. The person was then diagnosed with cancer. They started to notice a pattern. Now they know if someone is ill just from the way their dog reacts to them! I think you were right to let her go. I would suspect something had happened on a walk
  2. My lad does this. His stupid goofy face, makes me laugh. I haven't quite worked out why, I thought maybe anxiety but he does it when he's chilled out. I think it's just one of them things!
  3. We aren't going to bounce her. She's a very loving dog. I think she just growls in her sleep. She did it to my other dog who clambered onto her bed. She was fine and we were watching her. She was drifting off and my other dog moved and she growled. He didn't do anything and she just fell back to sleep. Yeah, I think it is sleep startle - just not sure if we're reacting the right way. Thanks for responding though. Just wanted to check that telling her to get down when she does that is the right thing to do.
  4. I was walking my two exceptionally well behaved Grey's through the to the car after a walk. I make the point of exceptionally well behaved because in that instance they were doing nothing wrong, tongues lolling, happy and happily tired dogs after a nice walk, not paying any notice to anything particularly, just walking like any other dog. They were wearing their muzzles as they often do. A man, about 28yrs or so, nudges his girlfriend and loudly enough that I know he wanted us to hear he said; look at those dogs, dobermans them, vicious dogs, look they have to wear muzzles. Vicious dogs.
  5. Hi, just wanted to check in on a behaviour we've experienced a couple of times. One of our greyhounds (no medical problems) has just recently started to get on the sofa with us. She usually prefers her own space when she's sleeping. But she loves a snuggle and is super affectionate but after a while she will start viciously growling. What we think is happening is that she's fallen asleep, forgotten where she is, and then woken up with someone in her space, and probably forgets it's us. Now I know that you shouldn't tell off growling but in this scenario she's chosen to get in o
  6. Thanks racindog - your post actually made me cry. I was doubting myself into thinking, maybe I'm not the right owner for them, but your post gave me a lift and a renewed boost in confidence seeing the positives that did come from the situation xx Yesterday I went back today to see if I could find the owner of the spaniels, he wasn't there unfortunately, but a lady who was also there at the time, and saw it all unfold, she said she felt so sorry for me, there was a lot of support, and no one was blaming me for the incident. I was so grateful to hear that. It wasn't actually a dog park,
  7. Hi, Sorry long post, I'm pretty emotional. Something awful happened today in the park. My 2 greyhounds (5yrs old, ex-racers, adopted) attacked another dog - a spaniel medium sized dog. In the park was 4 adults and 6 dogs. Mine were both on the lead, 3 were off lead, another on a lead. These are dogs mine have met before. My dogs have never done this before, or given me any reason to think they would do this. The only reason I keep them on lead is because they have no recall, they haven't shown any aggression like that before. We approached the pa
  8. thanks for your responses! They sound great. Yes she gets plenty of walks and physical activity overall, although at the moment she's got a poorly paw, so she's on bed rest - hence why trying to keep her entertained but still rested in the house. thanks
  9. Hey, My female 4 year old Grey: 1) gets bored very easily 2) has a very low attention span 3) but also, 'gives up' easily 4) is very food motivated My husband says she's just a total diva, haha. Any bordom breaker / brain train games you can think of that might suit her? thanks!
  10. Build the bond and trust with your dog before starting training, and especially crate training. Building trust means not fussing over the dog, being consistent, matter of fact but kind and most importantly letting the dog come to you. By all means buy a crate, by all means have a bed and a duvet in there and by all means toss treats in there - but I wouldn't recommend any training to leave the dog for a period of time alone and locked inside, until the dog has learnt to trust you. Give it a couple of weeks of just getting to know each other before any training.
  11. awwwww this is lovely! I must have two of the worst behaved greyhounds then! haha. Mine are into EVERYTHING. We cannot put a single thing down without it being stolen - shoes, tissues, food, hairbrushes, remote controls, you name it, if they can get their mouth round it, it's going in their bed - and when I take the object away, my girl looks at me and SIGHS! She sighs at me, like a teenager with attitude! haha It's very funny. It's like she's saying - ooooooohhhhhhh but that's not fair. They are complete loons and they're into everything, no corner left unturn. It's adorable and ver
  12. On balance is it more cost effective to feed this type of diet? i am interested to try it
  13. Is it possible he could have been having a bad dream? Or was only half awake and didn't realise it was Lulu? But yeah I'd look for pain first,
  14. thanks! that's so helpful! and to ask another daft question - what portion size do you give? Mine are 30kg. How many grams of this would you give per meal? (they are fed twice a day - 12 hours a part). You think your retired vet made the wrong diagnosis with giardiasis? What do you think it was? How long should a dog be on the chicken and rice diet? I'm guessing they miss out on nutrients long term. Dog diet is my biggest area for improvement/learning curve!
  15. Some good ideas here - it would be great if our girl just decided to do the stairs! These are indoor stairs. The party idea sounds pretty good too! We'll figure out how to do that. I will keep you posted if we manage to get anywhere with this! thanks
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