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  1. I've had Hero for 5 years and he will be 12 in July. He has stopped wanting to go for rides. He used to LOVE it. when I would ask "you wanna go for a ride" he would jump up and go to where I keep his leash. For about the past 3 weeks he just looks at me , like, NO I don't want to go for a ride. He seems fine otherwise.....doing yard zoomies, eating normal. I thought something must have happened to him in the car but I can't figure it out. If he got hurt or something he would let out the greyhound scream of death. Nothing. After about 3 days I forced him to get in the car and it was awful. He straightened his front legs and wouldn't move. I had to pick up his back end and push him in. ( I will never do that again). He seemed fine once in. Tonight when I asked if he wanted to go for a ride, I THOUGHT he was OK with it BUT no go. I pulled the car up and had the back door open, even put in a new clean cover on the back seats. He refused to even look at me. Just statued and stared in the other direction. No amount of talking got him to move. So I say, "go back inside?" and he turns around to go in. Our life has not changed at all since this pandemic. Our routine is the same every day. I don't have a clue, going for walks is fine..even though at times he statues and he ain't movin until he's darn good and ready. I've checked his feet and pushed his pads but no reaction. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Maybe he's just set in his ways now that he is an old man but I love him to death!
  2. So far I've only used chicken breast or boiled 80/20 ground beef. Use rice cooker for brown rice, mashed carrots or cauliflower or peas, pumpkin or unsweetened applesauce. Will have discussion with vet on Thursday when Hero goes for his dental. Will update after.
  3. Preparing his food is a piece of cake. I keep everything separate mix it up, Microwave for 20 seconds then put in bowl.....he loves it.
  4. After dealing with pancreatitis and trying to find decent low fat dog food I am now feeding only what I make for my 10 year old Hero. After two trips to emergency vet for diarrhea and bland diet I've decided no more processed food. Using brown rice, boiled meat, mashed veggies, unsweetened applesauce or pumpkin. Lipase level dropped 600 points fron 2200 to 1650. He has now been cleared for his dental.
  5. Hero has pancreatitis and food suggested by vet VERY expensive. Hoping to find something not quite so expensive and would appreciate any suggestions. I figure I'd get more help here than having to search all the dog food websites. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
  6. Fifteen days ago my 8 year old brindle had teeth removed. He still has a lot of what looks like nylon thread in his mouth and I know it bothers him. I was concerned a week ago and had another vet look at him and she said he was fine. Now 15 days later he is still rubbing his muzzle on the floor. This was a new vet for him and now I wish I had not changed. Of course it takes him longer to eat and I wet his kibble......only soft food from now on. I have an appointment at 2 PM today with another vet at the same office. I have no confidence in the one who did his surgery. Any opinions? Thank you
  7. I already tried canned pumpkin....made no difference. Vet visit yesterday and all is fine w/him......so I will look into Olewo carrots.......never heard of them before....Thanks for info.....
  8. I have not been on this site since my Cinnibuns crossed the rainbow bridge in February but now have a 7 year old brindle. Having a problem w/loose poo and saw a lot about olewo carrots. Why can't you use finely chopped fresh carrots? Any suggestions....Thanks
  9. After somewhat of an improvement my baby took a turn for the worse over night. Although she improved on Sunday evening and could get up and sort of stand over night she took a turn for the worse. I just couldn't bear to see her suffer anymore...standing up , shaking, crying and whining that she didn't know what happened to her. So I chose what I feel was best for her. My heart is breaking and I want to go to sleep and never wake up........thanks for your prayers and support.
  10. Cinnibuns had a rough night. she was very distressed due to not being able to get up and go and also because she peed in the house. I have a special place set up for her and have bowel and bladder functions taken care of. You know, you do what you gotta due for our babies. We turned her every two hours or so...unless she was asleep but she was never more than 4 hours in one position. As for the adoption group, I don't have much faith in them and in fact went to Wheeling Downs to get Cinnibuns. I'm on my own here, my sister came to stay for a few days to help. I will be reporting in our the vet in the morning to update. At this point Cinnibuns has been down a bit over 24 hours. Hope to see some progress soon. She does try to get up but the legs just don't work. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
  11. My Cinnibuns is unable to walk.....I am beside myself. Options were take her to Pittsburgh or Cleveland for neuro consult.......can't afford....take to the e-vet and have them keep her for the weekend....it costs $150 to walk through the door......so can't afford that either. I do have care credit but already owe $800 with $1300 limit.....so not an option there either. Rather than have her put down, I brought her home and will do my best to take care of he for as long as I can. This really stinks.....vet thinks that maybe she threw a blood clot and something is presssing on her spine. She is not in pain, vet doesn't think it was a stroke because she doesn't find the usual symptoms....she is aware of everything just doesn't understand why she can't walk. Wish us luck....we need all we can get.
  12. Vet visit this morning......doc could not find anything wrong; however, did blood work just to see if all normal. Should have results by Wednesday afternoon. Cinnibuns was kind enough to deposit a fresh poo sample and that was all clear. I feel a burden lifted knowing my geriatric doggie is OK.......(except for her teeth.....I should brush daily and I don't). Bad mommy.
  13. I was really worried about Cinnibuns last night who will be 10 in April. She started shivering, panting and her gums in the front were partially black. She doesn't like blankets or her coat but seemed to be content with a blanket wrapped around her. She would really shiver for a few seconds and then stop but start up again. She did finally settle down and seemed OK when she wanted out @ 2 AM. Today the gums are not nearly as black as last night and she seems to be fine. I did notice yesterday that one of her poops was different than usual. Much smaller and mucousy. Anyone have similar experience? This just might warrant a vet visit...any thoughts??? Thanks for any ideas or thoughts.
  14. I bought a thundershirt for Cinnibuns who doesn't mind thunder but hates fireworks. I was really, really desperate and the thundershirt was my last hope. It was $39.95 @ PetSmart and fortunately was returnable. I know they have worked for others so it seems it would just be a chance you might want to take. Good luck - I know we hate to see our houndies uncomfortable.
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