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  1. From the manufacturer website: "We recommend bathing BEFORE applying product. The product can be applied once the pet is towel dried. Shampooing 90 minutes after treatment does not reduce the effectiveness of Advantage Multi® for Dogs in the prevention of heartworm disease. Shampooing or water immersion 4 days after treatment does not reduce the effectiveness of Advantage Multi® for Dogs in the treatment of flea infestations. However, shampooing as often as once weekly may reduce the effectiveness of the product against fleas. Please use a pet shampoo that is soap-free." Personally, I fou
  2. Thanks! That's the plan we have for tonight and going forward. Got some treats stashed in the bedroom so that he can do it himself.
  3. For the past two weeks or so, our girl Cameron has a weird reaction when my husband gets up from the bed, but only within the first hour of so of going to bed. She quickly gets up, will bark at him and growl if he doesn't go back to bed. She does not react this way for me. A bit of context on this to help understand what happens: Every night, we go to do bed (Cameron sleeps in the living room right across from our room (so she sees us) but read in bed (so lights are still open). Usually, my husband gets up right before shutting the light to go to the bathroom. He also sometimes gets up soo
  4. Heartguard doesn't protect against ticks so you will still need something for that (we use Nexguard).
  5. To comment on the environment thing: Our girl Cameron tested positive for the hooks antigene last week (we've had her since June 2017 and she always tested negative for hooks on the usual larvae test, but the test started the antigene tests on GHs becasue of the recent issue with hooks and GHs). We live in Montreal and hooks don't exist here because of winter and the cooler weather (for example, you only give HG+ for 6 months starting in May and NG for 8 months starting in March/April). Most vets are not well versed about hooks. So it does not seem like it's an environmental thing (Cameron can
  6. Yup, that's life with a new greyhound. Expect for other things to feel like they're going back and while you feel that, remember that it is a good sign: your dog is settling in and showing his personality more and more. I know it can be very frustrating sometimes, but try to keep focusing on the positive. And while I understand that it is not pleasant for anyone to lack sleep and get woken up by a dog, the best thing to do is play the ignore game. Ignore and don't move. It will probably make for a few rough mornings, but it will be worth it. It's the same with jumping on people, you ignore
  7. Yes, the trainer suggested complete separation for three days to allow both to relax and reset. Since we did this, Cameron has been sleeping deeply (more so than usual) so some tiredness might be playing into it for the recent incidents (especially yesterday when we had a few barking and growling incidents after I posted). We'll be moving ome furniture to create more room for the cat to walk around and will be removing one of the beds to try and help. The trainer did tell us that thi could go either way. Cameron might be fine or she might never be fine with the cat so we'll see how it goes
  8. Bringing this back up as this has continued to happen over the course of the last month and a half. It also seems to have expanded a bit. We have been letting it go until now, but we are starting to get concerned for the cat's safety. The trainer is coming tonight so we'll be able to discuss with her and we are also in touch with our adoption group. Still, it would be great to get some additional opinions on this issue. Cameron still focuses quite a bit on the cat when it moves around. We have been trying to divert her attention and it is somewhat working (I would say 3 out of 4 times). Ev
  9. He'll keep changing for a while. We're eight months in and we still see changes from week to week. And sometimes, it feels like for each three steps forward, there is a step back (and even more on occasion). I have come to understand that this is normal. I have been told multiple times that anything under a year is considered still settling in and that even after one year, they continue to change. Cameron used to take a lot of time at night for the last pee. At first, I kept a treat with me and gave it to her as soon as she was done with her business (if you do this, you have to stay close
  10. I would advise against trying to physically make him get up. He is new and therefore might be silently accepting that behaviour. After a while, he will settle in and could end up growling and snapping for the same thing you've been doing (similar thing happened to my husband). Cameron doesn't like getting up past a certain time (especially in the winter when it gets super dark early). We've learned that she can do a last out around 8pm and she won't need to pee until around 7am the next day (she really has a camel bladder). Unless we go out at night and come back late (for which we take her ou
  11. Cameron was also not very food motivated at first. Now, she'll do just about anything for a but of popped beef. What worked best for us at first were treats made entirely from meats (chicken jerky, popped beef, dehydrated duck feet, salmon skin, etc.) and anything very smelly. Now, she's a bit less picky. We use small marshmallows for emergency recall training. She loooooves those. These were used as treats in the kennel and she goes nuts for those (which is great to train that strong recall that we would use only in emergency situations (i.e., if she manages to get out of the yard or we d
  12. Take it from someone who was right where you are (different issues, but same feelings) about two months ago: this will pass and, in retrospect, it will seem quite minor bumps in the road. It's also easy to feel like the others are not going through issues with their dogs; doesn't mean it's the actual case. Best advice I got here: you need to relax, everything will be ok.
  13. Get a belly band. This should at least get the marking under control.
  14. I would also say that all stairs are not created equal for all dogs. Cameron is fine with the five stairs to go in and out the house and has been from day one. I was expecting a big fuss but she just went right up. Sometimes, it seems like she gets into thinking too much about those stairs and gets kind of stuck at the bottom. I encourage her and she gets up slowly as if she is not sure how to do them anymore. It's hilarious to me as I know she will do them just fine a few hours later. Indoor stairs going to a second floor seem fine most of the time (we don't have them but one of dog sitte
  15. When we first got Cameron, we had her sleep in our room with a baby gate to stop her going anywhere else in the house. We kept at it until we felt she was fine with being in the house. She now sleeps in the living area right across from our door so she can keep an eye on us (you know, just to be sure we don't disappear in the middle of the night). The first night, she woke us around 2 am for a potty break. I got her out for a quick pee and then back in. She then wanted to get up at 5 am. We set the alarm for 10 minutes later than what she wanted and ignored her (and silently wait) until the al
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