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  1. One last point after speaking with my credit card company today: Petshed is telling all the people who bought off them to wait 90 days now before doing anything, and that if it goes 90 days they will refund you. The rep at the CC company confirmed that this was when the dispute window closes, as I suspected and mentioned above in the OP. He called this a definite "red flag" that PS was telling people to wait a full 90 days. My Petsupplies Express order did only take 4 weeks (Advocate/Advantage Multi for the other dog within the same time frame. I did miss the period that they were
  2. That's great to know. Thanks.
  3. I did get my other heart/hookworm meds from petsuppliesexpress (UK) in a reasonable time and they are also overseas. I have also received packages recently from Asia including through Singapore and Hong Kong. Maybe I have just been lucky that the delays on every other package have been reasonable. These guys seem to have taken their entire customer service offline and are unresponsive. Regardless, for whatever reason, they are no longer dependable in my experience and I have recommended them to others for years. Are you still having the long term hook issues, or are these with new d
  4. Hi, just a warning to members about Pet Shed, who I have used and recommended for years, including here on the hookworm threads. They used to be Australia based and shipped to US from the UK. Now they appear to ship from Singapore or Hong Kong (if they in fact do even ship at all). The web has been full of complaints about them for months from customers who have paid for meds and not received them and have been been given the runaround about refunds if they can get a hold of anyone there at all. My experience is over 6 weeks and still processing for shipping according to the tracki
  5. We also did the prison program to the letter and have kept her on the Advocate/Advantage Multi monthly since the negative test. So far all is good. We had a relapse early in the process, which is why we kept her on the Advocate this time. No problem with ticks, so the advocate works fine. The other one is back on generic Heartguard Plus and no issues there either. I would also advise to follow the prison protocol to the letter, although there is really no difference noted between the use of Drontal Plus or Panacur (or whatever brand name for the fenbendazole) if used according to the pris
  6. I think it all depends on how bad the larval leak situation is. The worse it is, the longer it takes to rid the body of all those resident eggs. We seem to have beaten them with the prison protocol, and are now back on just monthly HG+ to keep them in check after running the Advantage Multi/Advocate once a month for an additional few months after we got the all clear. Once the hooks have been identified as being "resistant" to the traditional treatments, I haven't heard of anyone being able to clear them without using the prison protocol. I don't know that Panacur is any less or more
  7. The prison protocol is the only thing that worked for us, and after a year, I only wish that we knew about it in the beginning and didn't waste a few months with the standard hook treatment. We have introduced a few vets to it and numerous adopters.
  8. Haven't noticed any irritability or aggression while on any of the meds, but drontal makes her nauseous, and even Advatage Multi kills her appetite for a couple of days. No reaction at all to panacur.
  9. Congrats!!! That is big news after a long battle.
  10. We split the dose, giving each half (buttered) just before feeding each meal. She is queasy the next day, but shows improvement by the day after that. Splitting the dose makes all the difference for her being able to tolerate it.
  11. You are very welcome. I wish I had figured that out two dogs ago. So far so good here. We haven't retested yet, but everything seems ok so far. she is on Advantage Multi monthly now and he is back on HG+. As a side note, she quit eating her food because we think she associated it with the sick feeling from the medication, so we switched her to Iams minichunk, which she loves. Paddy just finished transitioning to it and both are doing extremely well on it. << Obligatory dog owner poop comment. Having it available in a 50lb bag at Sams is an added bonus. May your new
  12. We had a dog with chronic anal gland issues who would fuss until they were manually expressed. Soft stool can contribute to this, since firm stool will express the glands and keep them from filling up and becoming infected (smelly goo). She may just need her glands emptied, then with no worms and firm stool, things should run smoothly. Hope it is a true negative for you.
  13. or salted water if you don't have peroxide. but, why don't you have peroxide? Pick up some styptic powder while you are picking some peroxide up It is good to have the instructions handy. Your vet may even have a hand out telling what to do and how to do it in case of emergency. I had to write them down in a panic while on the phone with my vet years ago. Great advice and a good reminder, Sobesmom.
  14. I think if the hooks are environmental, meaning ongoing REinfestation rather than ongoing infestation, as from larval leak, then maintenance from a "preventative" and periodic treatment is the traditional approach. If it is larval leak, then the traditional approach doesn't seem to do the job, and may cause the problem to worsen by continuing at a rate that more eggs get laid than adults get killed off. I am not a vet nor do I claim to be one. However, my vet's approach was the same as yours. At first. Now his whole office is following the prison protocol once the traditional metho
  15. Usually the case I think that the Drontal and Panacur (Safeguard) probably work equally well on the hooks when used with the Advantage Multi (Advocate) on the prison program dosing schedule. If your dog tolerates Drontal reasonably well, then why not follow the prison protocol to the letter and just use the drontal, even if you have to break up the daily dose into two or three meals. Couple notes: I am not a big fan of crushing pills. If the dogs do not like the taste, it is hard to hide that in a powdered pill, and the entire meal may get rejected. Plus it is hard to tell how muc
  16. True, not exactly to the letter, but I meant the timing, as compared to the three week cycle the vet had me on. I went drontal - panacur - drontal just because she doesn't tolerate drontal very well, and I had the panacur powder already. We also had a negative before, so I did a second month of advantage multi/advocate on the two week cycle, before starting monthly advantage multi/advocate. I won't completely rest on this until I get a second negative, about 4 weeks after her now monthly treatment. Sorry to hear about Percy. To be that high after all that treatment. Wow. I do
  17. Wow, time flies when you are having so much fun After testing positive again, We did the prison protocol starting Sept 1, and we did it to the letter, and not on the three week cycle that my vet had recommended. She got Drontal Plus on the 1st, then Advantage Multi (Advocate) the next day (Drontal makes her nauseous and kills her appetite, so I split the dosage up). She got Panacur powder for three days starting on the 14th, then Advantage Multi (Advocate) on the 4th day. She got Drontal Plus on Oct 1st, then Advantage Multi (Advocate) the next day (Split the Drontal dosage into tw
  18. I use butter to coat the pills with both dogs and so far it works great. Sometimes they just get butter to throw them off, like if one dog is getting a butter coated pill the other one will just get a blob of butter. Once the dog gets a strong taste and resistance to a pill, it is almost impossible to get them to take it without manually pilling. So far it has worked on everything including drontal which she barely tolerates. Thanks for the update on the prison protocol. I may run this session on a 2 week schedule for Sept 1/15/30.
  19. Your post looks almost as confusing as mine. So it should be at least close
  20. I had a pack of powdered Panacur or Safeguard at the time and calculated the amount of Fenbendazole in the correct dosage for my dog. I then converted that amount of Fenbendazole into the proper dosage of the liquid for a 60 lb dog and for an 80 lb dog as validation, then broke it down into 5lb increments. It looks like you did the same above. The 1.1 isn't exact, but it is to the tenth and my 58lb grey is getting 13 ml of the liquid. I also found another calculation online that was almost identical, but a bit more ballparked, at 1, which might shortchange a heavier dog. Greys and goats d
  21. We, we just tested a low positive again, so we are going back on the three week cycle again. Negative at the end of June, so July 1 AdMulti was at 3 weeks, and then Aug 1 AdMulti was back to monthly. Positive again today at about 4 weeks out and just prior to the next dose on Saturday. Advantage Multi today and Drontal Plus tomorrow for her, repeat in 3 weeks again, test again 3 weeks past that (6 weeks out) and repeat if necessary. The boy gets the same but with panacur instead of drontal, because he takes the liquid panacur better than her over the three days. Plus it will be interes
  22. Everything seems good here with both of them, We retest the new one next Friday. The vet says to retest at between three and four weeks since the last treatment to give the hooks time to come back if they are still there. There are no noticeable signs like there were last time they returned and both dogs are still on the Advantage Multi monthly. I am not as put off by the Advantage Multi as I was with Frontline or Advantix. It doesn't seem to stay a s oily as long or bother the dogs as much. I may pick up another box before going back to the chewable just to be safe even if I get anot
  23. Once it is healed, they carry on as if it was never there.
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