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  1. Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated. I ended up going to the vets, they said the right eye in particular was inflamed. I was given drops for 5 days. Redness has now reduced. The vet didn't mention the third eyelids, I am a little concerned still as they are just visible in the corners of both eyes. I haven't found much on the Web referring to this as normal.. Other than the few replies. Anybody have any photos with the same issue/trait? I'm a natural worrier, probably stressing about nothing 😂.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new to the whole greyhound ownership.. Slowly but surely working out all their sensitive traits. So far it's been an enjoyable experience, can see how the greyhound addiction starts. I have a black ex racing male, I have noticed he has a small amount of "gunk", sometimes dry in the inside corner of the eyes. Other than this his eyes don't seem to be swollen/really red. I have also noticed at times a small part of the third eyelid will show (I thought this shouldn't happen unless asleep). I have attached a photo of this eyelid but doesn't do much justice. Can
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