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Found 7 results

  1. This afternoon's dog walk was along the river and I stopped to take some photos. I don't think Peggy (13 1/2) was thrilled to be left waiting and not allowed down the bank... https://a4.pbase.com/g12/54/91454/2/171602108.mPRWkJ5k.jpg But it was a pretty little spot and maybe I did take 10 minutes setting it up
  2. The first really warm day of Spring and the travel restrictions relating to the virus lockdown have been relaxed, so I took Peggy for a walk up on Dartmoor. But who was going to have to sit down first: 13 1/2 year old Peggy or me with an achilles tendon injury that won't go away any better than getting older will? Let's just say it wasn't Peggy
  3. Hello everyone, I brought my 1yr old greyhound boy Monte home 3 weeks ago yesterday. He has adapted pretty well to apartment life, although he's still quite aloof. But outside is a separate story. He is very slow on walks, freezes often and will not go to the bathroom on the leash. As a result, I have had to take him to the dog park where he can go off leash every time we go out. He also has crazy control over his bladder - I've taken him out on the leash for 2.5 hours and he will hold it until I cave and take him to the park. Any tips?
  4. Hi one and all. We are adopting today. Our boy has been with us two weeks and at the beginning he was doing great on walks and now he refuses to leave the house. We have tried our three exits. He is extremely fearful. We have a court yard which is adjacent to the road so he can hear the noises of the cars etc but on walk he put the breaks on immediately. I am trying distractions, food reward if he makes one step....anything else I should try? I have read people have had the same issues but I don't know if they cracked it in the end. We will not be returning him but at the same time
  5. https://www.greatglobalgreyhoundwalk.co.uk/gbgw/ A reminder to give you the chance to participate in, or maybe run your own local event in probably the biggest dog walk in the world!
  6. I've recently adopted George, a 3 year old from the racing industry. While he was never professionally raced himself, he was raised in the environment. We've had George a week so far, and the first 3 days he was absolutely fine to leave our apartment and go on a walk. Once he started to settle in to our apartment though he began to refuse to go outside. Currently we will physically have to lift him out of bed, from there he will happily exit out apartment, walk down the hallway and enter the elevator, getting to the ground floor is where he will entirely freeze up. This starts in the e
  7. How many Greytalk members are joining or leading a Great Global Greyhound Walk this year? http://www.greatglobalgreyhoundwalk.co.uk I see Donna is organising one in Montreal, anybody else involved in one?
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