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  1. Hi there. I would just follow up with your vet and be diligent about blood work. My female was dx'd with anaplasmosis (a tick-borne disease; we have deer in the area - I live in Metro Detroit). I have a fenced yard and NEVER found a tick on her -- but there must have been some contact as she tested positive when she was six. (I adopted her when she was five; she is now 11). So just a head's up and best wishes for Petey.
  2. I'm sorry to read about Marla - wishing the best for her. My current hounds are 10+ and almost 11. I'm no expert but have learned much over the years. Every dog is different. I always feed my two hounds WARM meals (breakfast and supper). They have a base kibble, which you can forego, but I serve w/canned food, add a little water and heat in the microwave -- so it's like a stew. Periodically, I mince a hard-boiled egg white and also heat that up (split between the two hounds). Once in awhile, I divide a poached egg between them - but the yolk may be too rich/fatty for some dogs.
  3. Hi there. I'm sorry about Meredith. I live in the upper Midwest and I ALWAYS cover my hounds at night w/lightweight blankies/throws from fall through spring. Sometimes they get hot and rearrange in their dog beds but I believe older dogs appreciate the added warmth. Also I adopted a senior hound a number of years ago, but sadly after his two senior houndmates passed away, he was EXTREMELY distressed and I realized didn't hear all that well. Then there were a few consecutive weekends where he was up ALL NIGHT until dawn. Crying, panting, pacing (probably sundowning) -- it was heartbreaking
  4. FYI - I finally ordered and received my first shipment of Olewo carrots yesterday -- 1 lb bag @ $15.95 through Chewy. I believe it's the same price as through Amazon. Chewy also stocks the beets. My now 10 y/o female (adopted at age 5) has ALWAYS had kinda soft-serve poo. I've tried all sorts of food, etc., but finally concluded she probably has nerve damage to some degree from her racing career. No worms, fecal clear. Post-adoption, she has continued to run like a maniac in the back yard; probably the most athletic of all the hounds that I have adopted. House zoomies. While I genera
  5. Liz - my heart goes out to you. I lost my sweet Holly to PLN in 2011. It's been awhile and I have learned much since then but I also tried everything and she would have none of it. Dry kibble was a definite NO! She also had an duodenal ulcer but refused all meds. As I recall, she was diagnosed in July and I had to say goodbye in December as there was little more I could do. She was 12+. I was heartbroken. Every meal I feed my current hounds is always warm. Kibble plus canned food warmed in the microwave mixed with a little water -- whatever works at this point. Minced hard-boiled egg whit
  6. I am so sorry and very, very sad for you. I lost my beloved first grey, Indy, to nasal cancer in 2010 (you may be able to search and find some of my old posts on GT). Unlike with Lizzie, Indy's tumor/cancer was not visible - meaning it was further up the nasal cavity. It started with a little blood dripping from one nostril. I asked the vet to scope him during a dental - there were no foreign objects in his nasal cavity and the biopsy came back inconclusive. If I recall he was almost 11 when the dripping started. He did pretty well for approx. one year+. And during that entire time he neve
  7. Hi there. I feel your pain - and mess. I'm on my seventh grey. I adopted my current girl four years ago (she just turned nine). She is a serial pooper/marker on a walk. I have never experienced this before. She squeezes poo out like a Play-Doh Fun Factory. She is healthy, not overweight and her male roommate rarely poops when we walk. I think it's just her -- she does because she can. I have to take at least ten poop bags when we walk as her final poos are nothing but Hershey squirts and almost impossible to clean up. BTW, my girl has NEVER pottied in the house since I adopted her -- but o
  8. Yes. I lost my heart dog Indy to nasal cancer in 2010 (he was 12-1/4). I know I posted about this but it's been awhile. Started out with a little blood dripping from his right nostril. During his next dental, the vet scoped and biopsied the nasal cavity and tissue but all came back inconclusive. Indy was doing okay for quite a while -- about 1 yr -- then not so much. Any time he sneezed, shook his head - there was blood. I assumed it was cancer - and it was. Took him for a CT scan which revealed the mass in his right nostril. When Indy started to sleep with his head vertical - I knew it wa
  9. I would really appreciate some advice from those of you with extensive greyhound experience. Adopted a 5 y/o female in January. She is a wonderful hound and has done extremely well as an only dog but was clearly a bit bored and lonely. Two weeks ago, I adopted a 5 y/o male (looked at a number of dogs; thought this boy might be a good "fit" for her). Impeccable house manners, transitioned easily, friendly, cheerful, but highly excitable and exuberant. His stimulation threshold is VERY low. He also jumps and gets very "mouthy" and "bitey" when excited (which I am trying to ignore and discourage)
  10. What a beautiful boy. Might I suggest adding canned food to his diet? I warm it in the microwave and mix with the kibble and a little water. Makes a yummy satisfying stew, If you will. I also include a tiny spoonful of French-style green beans or sometimes a few peas. I also want to try the Olewo carrots. On my to-do list. My new girl (also black; adopted in January) had absolutely abysmal pancake-batter poo for months. Now on a third kibble (switched to grain-free) - Earthborn Holistic Large Breed, plus grain-free canned - her poop FINALLY looks like poop is supposed to look! I can't bo
  11. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Beth. Hoping you will find a new four-legged buddy to accompany you in the next chapter of your life. Good luck!
  12. Hey there. How old is Lovie? I moved from a condo to a house when (angel) Indy was almost seven. The first 4th of July in my new neighborhood was an absolute nightmare. Sounded like the Battle of Gettysburg was in my backyard. It was just awful. The windows were rattling. Poor Indy was a distraught mess. Spent three hours hiding in my shower stall. Although he had never pottied in the new house before, that night he peed in the corner of the living room - and that became "the place." Definitely behavioral. After constantly cleaning the carpet, I finally wised up and spread out an old flan
  13. Okay, I'm home now. A few more things for you to consider: My Indy was 3-1/2 when adopted. Was 4-5 y/o when everything started to go haywire with him (hair loss, etc.). All three of my thyroid dogs displayed differently - different hair loss patterns, behavior, etc. Definitely not cookie cutter symptoms and manifestation of low thyroid. I adopted a 5 y/o black female in January 2015. Took her for blood work in March. Routine IDEXX chem panel indicated T4 at 0.6. TSH not part of the panel. My girl has some back issues so while she was under for a dental in May, I asked the vet to
  14. Hi there. At work right now, so I can't give you a detailed reply but my (angel) Indy (great name, BTW) - suffered serious hair loss, allergy issues and VERY expensive allergy treatment with a specialist (antibiotics, allergy shots, staph infections, etc.), as well as behavioral and bathroom issues for 1-2 yrs. I posted about his struggles in the past. Anyway, after two thyroid panels which came back "normal," I finally asked for a third. Whatever the normal range was he was at the bottom number. So if the range was 0 - 10; he was at 0. I asked his regular vet if we could start Indy
  15. Oh, poor soul. Another option is "Animal Scents Ointment" made by Young Living. https://www.youngliving.com/en_US Essential oils salve. Similar in color, texture to Bag Balm. Just an option. Smells yummy. I've used it on many a hound boo-boo. For Ikers
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