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  1. So, he was on Purina EN with Tylan (powder) for over a year. In September, he began w/even looser poop than usual. It then went to diarhea. We then gave him pepcid along with metamucil. That was 2 weeks and didn't work. Then by October his condition was very very worse and we went to Vet who ran blood tests and said go to ER vet ASAP he needs and Albumium transfusion. We did that transfusion along with a B12 shot. So, he is on metronidizol 250 mg per meal he is on plavix 1 time a day he is on 40 mg prednisone (20 per meal) and 250 mg mycophenolate (one per meal). I think the prednisone is disasterous and I am working to get the amout lowered ASAP. We've had 4 blood tests since Oct. and I am waiting for my vet now to agree to lower it to 30 or 35 mg per day. The food is a whole other drama/saga. I have tried Royal Canin wet: in the hydrolyzed protein (can) and the R.C. venison. I mix both with R.C. dry venison. It is not working because he will eat it but he lost 5 additional pounds between the middle of November and now. He is down to 58 pounds and it is a critical situation. So in short I am combatting two problems: the prednisone (and maybe other meds) But, he is not absorbing anything in his foods. So it just goes right through him. What I need are food ideas other than Royal Canin because those are not working. I have a friend who has the Hills D/D food which I can move to. Probably more than you want to know. Liz Jurkacek
  2. Morrie, 8 year old, has PLE. He needs vet food and the Royal Canin and Hills are not working. He has lost 15 pounds. He cannot eat chicken. I've tried varieties of Royal Canin and Hills and I've struck out. He cannot eat the Purina EN. I tried the Purina Hydrolyzed and that is a no. Help Liz Jurkacek ejlaw1@aol.com
  3. Morrie was diagnosed w/ PLE in October. I have changed his foood 4 times: Purina EN Royal Canin Venison wet and dry Ryal Canin Hydrolyzed protein Purina Hydrolyzed. Nothing is working. He has gone from 75 pounds in August to 58 pounds as of Saturday. I need a food recommendation for PLE dogs. He cannot eat chicken. Thanks. Liz Jurkacek Email at ejlaw1@aol.com
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