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  1. " a thing of beauty is a joy forever.." John Keats
  2. I went from 2 to 3 by foster failure before my wife put her foot down (across my neck) but it was really no more trouble than with 2..walked all three at same time ..lined up on my left like little soldiers on parade...we have a little 'breakfast nook' that became the dog room..fed one in each corner w/o any problems...hey! 4 corners why not 4 hounds!...(wife..)...that's also where their crates were and where they were secured via baby gate if we had to be away for extended time...maybe I was lucky..Mac, Mango and Opie were extremely laid back and docile and never had any issues between them... other than 3xxx the food,vet bills, and poop I'd say go for it...what the heck..we're all cult members here...
  3. ditto FiveRooooers post...you can buy lots of stuffies at the thrift stores for as little as $ .25 /ea...and you can buy squeekers in bulk bags at Amazon..a little stuffie surgery to remove eyes,buttons,etc and implant your squeekers and ...voila!!... your pupper has an almost unlimited supply of toys...
  4. I live in a 55+ retirement community so the only children are visiting grand kids or snowbirds...recently Sweetie made friends with a 4 year old snowbird down from Canada who fell madly in love with her...she stops by every so often the help me "walk" Sweetie..reminds me of how much I miss when my son was little..just thought I'd share ..enjoy..
  5. Who me??? our kitchen used to have a breakfast nook back when people were the primary residents...now that greyhounds and their staff live here it's the greyhound room... pictures of all the 'bridge kidz' adorn the walls...Sweeties crate,feeding station and the essentials cupboard ( meds,canned pumpkin, bath supplies, spare leads/muzzles,etc) take up the floor...there's a dog bed in every room although the one in the bed room isn't used much as the human bed is so much softer..and the PT Cruiser back seat is permanently folded down and serve as a dog hauler..is MY life Grey-centric ? ..Sweetie will tell you the entire universe revolves around the Greyhound..
  6. Wish I had one I saw here in Arizona...FAST K9
  7. Sweetie also hates leafy greens..kale.lettuce, etc but will wolf down apples,bananas,oranges,carrots, even raw green beans...although ice cream is tops...
  8. " A thing of beauty is a joy forever "...Keats...and anyone who has ever been mesmerized by the grace, power and speed of our dogs..
  9. Mac..it's been two years since I had to say goodbye 'to the best boy ever in the whole wide world'...miss every day of the eleven and a half years we had together...love you still and forever..
  10. Lowe's and Home Depot also carry a non-slip 'netting' type of material that goes under your rugs ..works just fine to keep rugs/dog beds from slipping on tile floors..should work on wood
  11. When Mac got old and frail I built a ramp just using a 5' x 2' length of 3/4 inch ply board (1/2 inch was too bouncy)..he needed a little 'grip' for his feet so glued a cheap Goodwill store foam yoga mat to one side and it worked out fine..
  12. One time at a hot summer day M&G back in Pa.,my bridge boy Mac was laying down on his side and tried to DRINK the same way...his tongue looked almost prehensile!...still smile at the memory
  13. I got up to three before my wife put her foot down..across my throat if she had had her way ..but it was way worth it ...Mac,Mango and Opie were the three amegios they got along great,walked in formation by my side, and were a joy to have..one can never get enough houndie luv..go for it.
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