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  1. Update: She’s here! We brought home our new Grey last night. She was spayed yesterday so she’s a bit out of it. We introduced her and our 5 month old pup outside, first through the fence, then together in the backyard. The little guy barked excitedly and she seemed spooked by that - she tried to get away from him. Inside, we fed the puppy in his crate as usual and let the Greyhound explore the kitchen/dining area a bit before crating her and then letting the pup out. Their crates are side by side and they both slept in their crates last night without incident. Once the Grey is up to it, s
  2. So there have been some delays getting my Grey home due to the winter weather... we should be finally bringing her home on Tuesday! I’ll update about how it goes.
  3. Our sweet Gracie left us 3 weeks ago. She was almost 14. We got a puppy for our daughter close to the end of Gracie’s life. After losing Gracie I applied to adopt another ex-racer. She is coming home on Tuesday. We are picking her up from the vet who is spaying her, a very different situation from when we brought Gracie home 10 years ago. She is 3 years old. It’s been so long since I had a young hound in the house. Our puppy is as well-behaved as can be expected for a pup his age. I don’t tolerate jumping up, nipping or mouthing. He is small, just under 10lbs. How do I go about introducing
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