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  1. Buddy will be 12 in January and he has had LSS now for about two years. He is on Previcox for arthritis and nothing else for the LSS. I have tried giving him Tramadol, but it makes him loopy and he seems to have less control over his legs when he is on it. The only times his legs have splayed out in the rear was when he was on the Tramadol, otherwise he doesn't seem to have too many problems. He doesn't appear to be in pain. He MUST go on his walk with the others but we only walk him one block and he's done. As long as he's out the door, he's happy. It amazes how he sometimes comes bounding across the yard like nothing is wrong. He stopped coming up the stairs to the bedrooms about two years ago and is content to roach on the sofa all night, which is fine with me. Rather him do that than hurt himself trying to come up. When he can no longer stand, he will join his sisters at the Bridge. Good Luck with Ruben.
  2. What a handsome boy Oscar is. Enjoy him. So glad they found you the perfect match.
  3. So sorry. It's never easy. Bodie will run free again.
  4. That has to be so scary. Hope it's nothing like all of the tests show.
  5. I never imagined I would find someone from the very same adoption program! I guess this forum is bigger than I thought, or it's just a small world. Everyone there has been so nice so far. I've have never done anything with an adoption agency before. Previously our pets have always been strays that have wandered into our lives at the right moment. I was worried because I've always heard horror stories about how rescues make you jump through hoops, etc. Everyone has been so helpful and down to earth. I'm currently waiting for a call from the mysterious 'Dog Matcher' but several people have mentioned that the new dogs are coming in on Saturday. I'm not sure if I can make it down there on Saturday AM since I live 3hrs and 30 mins away. I'm trying to get a friend to pick up stuff at a Church for me at 10am, so I don't have to be in town. Do you know if all the dogs usually get adopted right away? And then there is me - who worked up your adoption application.
  6. If he's hyper, he's on TOO MUCH thyroid medication and is hyperthyroid at this point, not hypo thyroid. You should cut him back to .08mg once a day or split the pill and give him .4 AM and PM and see how that works. You should notice a remarkable difference. He will not put on any weight on such a high dose of Soloxine.
  7. Just saw this Robin and I am keeping my fingers crossed for Beau. Sounds like he is doing better and I hope it's nothing more than arthritis, even at his young age.
  8. One of my greys has a senstive stomach and I had been giving him Nutro Venison and Brown Rice with much success. I never had a problem with the food, nor did he, but all of a sudden you couldn't get the Nutro Venison or Herring for senstive stomachs. I was very happy to find NEW Nutro Venison and Brown Rice and the Herring and Brown Rice on the shelf again when I went to PetSmart yesterday. Food smells fine and dogs are fine.
  9. If there is blood in the urine or poop, you better call your Vet. The dog could be in renal failure. It was ungodly hot on Sunday.
  10. No, stenosis is the narrowing of the space for the spinal cord and wouldn't be affected by those supplements. However, it'd be great to give them to support all the other joints... hips, knees, etc. When my oldster had trouble standing/walking last Nov., my vet recommended a trial of Pred to see if there was an inflammatory process in her back which could be calmed down. She was on 5 to 10 mg. for about 3 weeks, tapered off and has been doing great since! Dr. Stack's article indicated that none of that stuff would work for LS. Helps for arthritis, so if your guy has that too, just keep using it. Good Luck.
  11. If your grey has LS, the Deramaxx won't help. My senior male has been on Previcox for his arthritis but is VERY weak in the rear. He has trouble getting up and down and hasn't done the steps to the 2nd floor for over a year. He can only walk two blocks before his rear legs start to give out. Look up Suzanne Stack,VMD on the greyhound project website and run off her information about LS to take it with you to the Vet. www.adopt-a-greyhound.org and click on Health information. She has a very simple, non-invasive way for the Vet to check whether the dog has LS without resorting to CT Scan, MRI, etc. My Vet followed her suggestion and was very appreciative of the information I brought to her. Have just put my boy on Tramadol, which has made a great difference. LS is degenerative, so it won't get any better, but the Tramadol will help with the pain.
  12. I think it's amazing how fast these greys recover. Phoenix is one lucky boy, Judy.
  13. Two of my guys got it from eating dirt in our backyard. The Vet said the hookworms are in the dirt and there's not much you can do about it. I now have three dirt-eaters among the four greys that own me. I keep watch whenever they go out and stop them when I see them doing it. My daughter-in-law's dog was diagnosed with Lupus in her nose about four years ago. She treats it with a salve of some kind and other meds and it doesn't bother the dog at all. She's going on 14 and you would never know there is anything wrong with her. Her nose looks pretty normal now.
  14. So sorry to hear that diagnosis for Loca. My first greyhound, Jessie, was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma at age 9-1/2. The cancer was in her right front paw (1st joint) and we chose to give her palliative treatment rather than amputate. She survived with pain meds for 6 months and was a happy girl until the day the bone broke. Another friend of mine had a grey that was diagnosed right after Jessie and he lived for 3-1/2 year with pain treatment and just went to The Bridge a few months ago. However, his Chondrosarcoma was diagnosed when the doctor was doing some surgery for a leg injury and at that time, he scoped out as much of the cancer as he could, therefore giving him all those extra years. Good Luck. Sign on to the Circle of Grey and you will get much valuable information and support.
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