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A Tribute To The First Two Men In My Life

Guest Tenderhearts

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Guest DeVon

6 years ago this month, I lost the two boys in my life less than three weeks apart.


Simm (Irish Setter)

Simm, you were my funny old man, all butt wiggles in spite of your advanced arthritis. I'll never forget the first time I saw you, in a huge pen outside, with two other dogs. You were already white in the face, and I could not understand how a beautiful dog as you was delegated to live out his senior years without the constant companionship of humans. It broke my heart. When your owners sold the house to a relative, and moved away, they promised to return and get you some day. The months passed by, you spent your days in that ugly pen with two dogs that would not leave you alone, and they never came to get you. And so I asked the relative if I could please take you home where you could have the companionship of other dogs in a safe environment. You were already 13 years old, but that didn't matter to me. I had just lost my Bridget of 14 years, and missed having a senior dog in my heart and home.


Bless your heart, we never did have success on housetraining. I can't count the times I was mopping and picking up poop. But you were such a happy old fellow, who loved to 'sing' with me when I rooed. You were an incorrigible beggar when I was cooking at the stove, always sitting right behind me, patiently waiting for any goodies. I loved to brush your beautiful red coat, and I'll never forget those groans of pleasure when I rubbed inside your ears.


After two wonderful years of enriching my life, your tired old heart gave out and I had to let you go. It was so hard to not see my funny white faced old man laying in the sunshine outside, sniffing the air and I am sure dreaming of younger days when you slept. I still miss you, my funny old man.



Bart, you were my gentle giant, my first encounter with a greyhound up close, my heart grey. You rode shotgun with your daddy all the way from Florida to live with me, and from the moment you stepped out of his truck, you acted like you had lived here all your life. Your daddy said you were definitely a man's dog, and in less than two days, you proved him wrong. I fell head over heels in love with you, and you became my velcro boy. I still smile when I fix pancakes because those were your favorite human food. You were a roacher extroardinare, and I still remember laughing because you would fall asleep, perfectly balanced on the floor in a roach, and ever so slowly, I would watch you start to tip over till you fell on your side! :rofl You would wake up, look around like 'what was that', and then fall back asleep on your side.


You loved to go for rides in the truck with Shiloh. The two of you would hop up in the back of the truck, we would close the door on the topper, open the window into the front of the truck, and I would be amazed at the fact that an 80 pound dog could crawl through that little window to be in the front with me :) I remember the doggy olympics in the house when you and Shiloh would start in, racing like mad from the living room to the bedroom back to the living room. You figured out it was great fun to bank off of the back of the pit group in the living room to make your turns, and I uprighted that pit group many a time! :lol


Today is the 6th anniversary of having to let you go over the bridge, my beautiful gentle giant. You were only 4 years old, but God must have needed a very special angel to help him up there with the others who would follow. I think you must have known too that Lori Ann was going to need a home very soon because it wasn't her time yet to be an angel. You will always be my heart hound, the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of greys. Mommy will never forget you, and I will always be grateful that God put you into my life when he did, even though our time together was too short. I miss you, Bart :wub:







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What wonderful tributes to your boys, they were so lucky to have found you, and you to have found them :) Sending lots of love and hugs :grouphug:grouphug:grouphug:f_pink:f_white

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Guest TuxedoHound

What a wonderful tribute - you were a lifesaver to poor abandoned Simm and you were there when he needed you and Bart the velcro pup that stole your heart! f_yellow

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Guest Snowy8



Friend, I know how you feel...just as you think you're catching your breath after losing one, then someone comes along & kicks you in the chest again.

Know that they are up in heaven where there are constantly rainbows...windchimes are tinkling, birds are singing, the sky is so blue it hurts your eyes to look at it...puppers are running, no arthritus, no fleas, no broken bones & no broken hearts.

You've got all of us here on Greytalk to love & support you!

Gogh & BuyCut's momma... :heart

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Such a beautiful and touching tribute to your special men. :grouphug:grouphug


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:grouphug A wonderful way to honor their memory.

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If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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