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Remembering Miss B.

Guest seniorhoundlover

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Guest seniorhoundlover

Sleek black fur as soft and shiny as a worn silk shirt.

Beautiful frosting on her face that only enhanced her beauty.

One ear up and one ear "trying" when treats are around.

Long, loooooong nose surfing the counter for snacks.

Like any good Nascar driver - always turning to the left.

Happy dancing for dinner - or to go potty - up to us to figure out which!

Sneaky feet - so quiet she seemed to tiptoe.

Smiling in her sleep - mouth wide open.

Making Biscuit move out of the way for the queen.

Lying on the floor spooning - trying to comfort her.


Godspeed Brandy. You almost made it to 10 years old. We only were blessed with you for a month, but we will love you forever.

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