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CBD recs for pain management

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I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but I don't know how to find the old threads since CBD is 3 letters, so...can anyone recommend a CBD product they've been using successfully for pain management that doesn't totally break the bank? 

Violet's neurologist has actually developed one and sells it, which could go either way imo, but I am willing to try it. However, it is SO expensive. So figured I'd ask here first. 


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We've used a bacon flavored CBD oil from Simple Pure.  They are a local company here in AZ and we found them through a friend who did a lot of research before settling on a product line to carry in her store. The owner is also local and seems to take quality control seriously.  We've used it for several of our recent seniors both for pain and anxiety in storms. It worked well, but as with all CBD products it's hard to put documentation to that.  You wither see an improvement or you don't, and we felt like it helped.  There a likely some cheaper products out there, but for our use this one wasn't unaffordable. 

We usually used the lowest strength since we were treating aches and pains, and not chronic pain. There are 3 strengths in their pet line. 



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