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High liver numbers and no appetite

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Hi All,

Lucy, who will be 10 in June, just had some blood work done and her liver numbers are high. My husband took her to the vet so I don't have the actual numbers, but he said they were in the 700's?? I'm waiting for the vet to open today so I can call and get a print out of her actual results. She is on Amoxi/Clavu 500mg/125mg, 1/2 tab twice a day. After two weeks her numbers only dropped into the 600's. So now we are at 1 tab twice a day. My immediate concern is her appetite. She's a small girl anyway, usually at 60 lbs, but she had dropped to 52 leading up to the first vet visit. She gained two pounds over the last two weeks, but her appetite is just not there. We feed her Purina Pro Plan Sensitive skin & stomach. We have tried to give her wet food and she will only occasionally be interested in it. Does anyone have suggestions on food I can make her that would be healthy for her but also high in calories so I can hopefully get some weight put back on her. She's looking so frail. :( 

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Has the vet suggested Denamarin for the liver?

You can try feeding a home-made diet. I give my dogs hamburg/fish, veggies, rice, oatmeal, eggs - they usually eat it well. They get snacks of yogurt with applesauce at night and toast with peanut butter in the morning. 

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Did you get x-rays done? Next step would be to perform abdominal ultrasound. Once you get the results maybe you can post the liver values? One thing you can do to get her appetite up just ask your vet about prescribing entyce.

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