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  1. Hi All, Lucy, who will be 10 in June, just had some blood work done and her liver numbers are high. My husband took her to the vet so I don't have the actual numbers, but he said they were in the 700's?? I'm waiting for the vet to open today so I can call and get a print out of her actual results. She is on Amoxi/Clavu 500mg/125mg, 1/2 tab twice a day. After two weeks her numbers only dropped into the 600's. So now we are at 1 tab twice a day. My immediate concern is her appetite. She's a small girl anyway, usually at 60 lbs, but she had dropped to 52 leading up to the first vet visit. Sh
  2. Hi All, I posted last month about how we lost our Al. Lucy has been lonely and was skipping meals, had diarrhea, etc. After seeing our vet yesterday he diagnosed her with stress induced colitis. She's on Metronidazole and he wants me to keep her on a bland diet for a couple of days. We usually feed her two cups of kibble at each meal and he said we could double that with the rice/meat mixture. Does that seem right? Don't get me wrong, Lucy is eating the heck out of it, but it just seems like SO MUCH. Thanks! Deanna
  3. Oh no, I never said it's a bad thing. Just makes more sense to skip the middle man and go straight for adoption.
  4. I'm talking to my husband about this option. We do not have a fenced yard, is that an issue for fostering?
  5. I could foster. But I know me, it will be a foster fail.
  6. My sister has border collies and she just loves them. But playing with them and living with them may be different. I don't know. But now I've gone and scoped out a local grey up for adoption. I think I have to meet him. And that's one of the reasons I love this group. Your enabling qualities.
  7. If I ever get another girl, I'm naming her Stella. lol I'm definitely looking at the Southbury walk on November 24. I'll look for others as well. Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much. Her name is Lucy, but I'm kinda digging Stella. ;-) You are in CT too?? Any info on some upcoming adoption events I should be aware of?
  9. Good morning all, I lost my heart grey, Al, just over two weeks ago. My heart is broken, but Miss Lucy is going through some pretty sad depression. She was a racing school drop out, fostered with Al at the age of 2 and came to us together. She's never been alone. The other day she went over to his urn, sniffed around at his collar and started to whine. We are showering her with loads of attention and love but I can tell she's missing him something fierce. We've discussed getting another dog to be her companion. We're in CT and I've checked the local grey rescue groups and there are maybe
  10. Thank you. ❤️ Thank you everyone.
  11. I’m praying that he does. The guilt is killing me. And his absence is deafening. 😓
  12. We got him from Greyhound Pets of AZ. He was the best best dog. My cuddle buddy. 💔
  13. Thank you all for your replies. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I had to let my boy go yesterday. He had a large tumor on his hip and it was just too painful for him to walk. 😢 We held him close in front of the fireplace when the vet came and helped him cross the bridge. My heart is broken.
  14. This is my first greyhound loss. I wasn’t prepared for the pain. 💔 Thank you all for the kind words.
  15. I used to post more, years ago, but just recently came back. We had to put our wonderful boy down today. He’d been having issues with his hind legs for awhile. His limp was getting so bad and he couldn’t go outside to potty without falling up the two steps to get back in. Our vet found a large tumor on his hip on Saturday. We started him on pain management. Last night he had a terrible night, a lot of panting, restlessness and whimpering. This morning he could barely get out of bed and when he did he almost fell over. He wouldn’t put any weight on his right leg (and that’s after pain medicatio
  16. Thank you everyone. We do have an assistance harness for him because he stopped being able to navigate stairs a couple of months ago. He has to literally be carried up and down by my husband. We’re going to the vet this morning. Hoping to get some answers.
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