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Sudden Pooing In The House


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Hi all,

So its almost a year since I brought Trev home with me. He has had ZERO accidents in the house in all that time other that this past month.

There has been no change in his diet to effect his stomach but in the past month he has poo'd all over my carpet 3 times (the sloppy kind). Why would this occur?

Could it be stress? Recently he has been chewing and wrecking the floor rug while I am out of the house which I think he does when he thinks I'm coming home. He is in usually in the front room which looks onto my front street and always rushes to the window whenever a car goes past. Should I try shutting him out of this room while I am out?



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Ditto on a vet visit, and a check for parasites. Is it also possible that while his food hasn't changed, you've recently switched to a new bag? Sometimes companies change formulas with no notice and all of a sudden it doesnt agree with the dog anymore. Or, maybe your new bag is actually old, and similarly troubling his tummy?

It'd probably be helpful to set up some sort of a camera so you can watch him while you're out, you might see if something new is triggering a reaction (stress).

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