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  1. Hi all, So its almost a year since I brought Trev home with me. He has had ZERO accidents in the house in all that time other that this past month. There has been no change in his diet to effect his stomach but in the past month he has poo'd all over my carpet 3 times (the sloppy kind). Why would this occur? Could it be stress? Recently he has been chewing and wrecking the floor rug while I am out of the house which I think he does when he thinks I'm coming home. He is in usually in the front room which looks onto my front street and always rushes to the window whenever a car goes past. Should I try shutting him out of this room while I am out? Cheers
  2. His instinct is not that strong, it was when i got him but ive since been able to recall him when he goes into flight mode. The only exception is squirrels which he always goes for (although never gets one). He usually just walks directly behind me when off the lead so ive never really been worried. I just dont want him thinking 'i got that rabbit, now im going to look for anything i can get' sort of thing, which will put him back a step in regards to recall.
  3. HI guys, Soooo, i was out with Trev on a standard walk through some fields and he was off lead. He is usually very good and walks behind me, he has occasionally chased a squirrel but doesnt go for anything else such as cats/small dogs etc. Anyway, he suddenly shot off into a bush and i heard a squeek and He came trotting out with a rabbit in his mouth, which i got him to drop immediately. The rabbit was dead. He usually the most placid and gentle thing i have ever known, and although i knew he would probably chase a rabbit at some point when he was off lead, i honestly didn't think he would kill it (maybe just play). Now my question is, 1. Should i have told him off? I did, but thats what he was breed for and its in his instincts. 2. Will this likely make him want to chase down and kill more things? Cheers
  4. No he isnt really licking it or anything. He just doesn't like putting weight on it.
  5. Hi guys, sorry i keep spamming topics on these forums. My grey has developed a little spot/lump on his paw and its is obviously causing some discomfort as he limps if any weight goes on it. I took him out for 2x 6mile walks last weekend. It looked like he stood on something sharp and limped a little and shook it off. He was fine after that until 3days later when the limp started to come back. I checked his paws and he has this little lump (see picture) <a href="http://www.freeimagehosting.net/commercial-photography/"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/iGzfRTB.png" alt="Commercial Photography"></a> I have asked friends with dogs and they believe its quite normal after long walks and even was told that it may be a sebacious cyst. I took him to get it checked at the vets and they gave me anti-biotics to give him (£110) - they dont know what it is and wanted £150 to send off a test (which i cant afford right now) so i will let the course of anti-biotics run and see if they work first. Has this happened to anybody elses dog? If so what happened? Is it normal?
  6. Hi guys, Is it normal for your hound to follow you into every room you go? I know that he spends most of his time in the front room when im at work playing with toys and napping in the sun (i set up a spy cam). However when i get home from work, he will just stay by my side - even when he wants to go to bed, he would rather moan that he wants to go to bed, but yet he wont unless i go aswel. He also wont take himself away from the room i am in to play (unless i walk into the other room and start him off) then if i move again he will drop his toys and follow me. Is this normal? Can i teach him to be more independent? Dont get me wrong i dont mind him following me around but i would like him to have the confidence to do whatever he likes rather than do what i am doing. I think this makes sense (apologises if it doesn't)
  7. I think I'm going to take him to see the vet about his biting and licking The yawning I'm not concerned about, he seems to do it more when he's enjoying himself, I'm putting it down to a quirk
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9fABSA687JA This is how he nibbles
  9. He does it when I'm nowhere near too He does it when I'm nowhere near too
  10. Here is a video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ48WNTf3LM
  11. I've just managed a video, can I upload directly?
  12. Thanks for the reply's I will take him to see a vet about the licking and see what they say. He currently eats 2 handfuls of kibble (which falls in the % of protein i was told he needs from the kennels) along with some raw tripe/chicken mince. It is winter here at the moment and gets rather cold (im getting a new boiler fitted as i am writing this). but no i dont use a humidifier, it may be something to try. As for the yawning - i understand its still early days but he seems to have settled extremely well rather quickly and seems very content and bonds well with me well, however i obviously dont have anything to compare too. Maybe he hasn't done as well as i think he has. So do you think over time, these yawns will die off?
  13. Ill try and get a video tonight of him doing his yawns. He also licks his lips when im giving him a head massage which im also told is a stress signal! but if he was stressed why would he keep wanting me to do it when i pull away? He is 3 and a half and ive had him since the end of October last year (so 3.5months roughly) and yes he has always done it which is why i didnt think it was a problem. He is nibbling the top of his back legs. He always seems happy and content. He is not in pain as far as i can tell. He loves getting scratched and massaged on the area he nibbles.
  14. There is never any panting. He does pant at around 9:30pm every day for around 5minutes, then he stops (no idea what that is about) but other than that he doesn't pant. I cant see why he would be under any stress - I live alone so its generally quiet in my house. Would him being cold result in yawning? I've not had a working boiler for quite some time but its usually still warm as i put the fire and electric radiator on. If im stroking him and he yawns, i stop stroking and he puts himself back onto my hand for more strokes, so i cant see it being because he wants to be away from me. Im stumped He has done this since i brought him home by the way. I got him at the end of October I dont know if its worth mentioning that he makes a squeezy noise when yawning
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