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Cracked Dewclaw (first time)

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 This is my first greyhound and first torn dewclaw so I’m a little unsure of how to treat it.  The nail itself has cracked open but still intact. I was able to snap it back into place and that stopped the bleeding. I have rinsed, cleaned it with antiseptic, sprinkled some Neo‑Predef Powder ( I had gotten previously from the vet when he had cut his paw in the past) , then wrapped it with non stick bandage. 

 Will the claw heal, as in fuse back together or eventually fall off? Should I take him to the vet?   He doesn’t seem to be in pain but it did bleed quite a bit before I snapped it back in place. Thank you ❤️

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When Sweep did this, I took her to the vet's office and the tech clipped the torn half off; we did not even need to see the actual vet. She screamed bloody murder, so better them than me! They cleaned and bandaged it with some gauze and vet wrap, which we were able to remove that night. It healed up fine. Best wishes for your boy!



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A few years back, one of our greys tore the claw on a motel step where we were vending.  I used vet wrap to keep it on until we got to the vet after the weekend.  When we were at the vet they removed the wrap and the nail came with it.  Vet said it looked good, clean and no charge as I had done all the work.  Keep an eye on it and if you feel it needs the vet, go for it.  You will feel better.  If it looks good and you have confidence that all is ok, then don't.

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