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Ear Cyst, Anyone Seen Anything Like This?

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I just noticed a pink lump (like a zit) in Zeke's ear last week and have been keeping an eye on it. Today (1 week about since I noticed it) it seems to have grown by maybe one and a half times (not quite double) and is more red and protruding more. He was actually supposed to have a dental done today where our vet could have looked at it but we had to postpone his dental to 5/6 due to some neck pain issues.


has anyone ever seen anything like this? He (and our angel Nube) had the "raspberry" histoma things that went away on their own but this is smoother and doesn't look at all the same. I sent this pic to our vet and asked to see what she thought -- Zeke is suspected to be a "bleeder" so removing this is worrying, plus I sure don't want to have to have him put under TWICE. It's about the size of an eraser head (on an old #2 pencil....)


? ETA Zeke just turned 10 on the 6th :)


Ear Cyst

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