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Peeling Skin Behind Ears

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Hi all, I have been a reader here for a while, but this problem has prompted me to finally sign up.


About 3 weeks ago I took Suzy to the vet because she was up a couple of nights scratching her ears madly and shaking them, and then the next day after tilting her head a lot, so I thought she might have had an infection. The vet checked for mites, infection etc, and told me if was very inflamed inside, probably due to an allergy, and gave me ear cleaner and steroid cream. I only used the steroid cream for 2 days as the itching stopped after the first dose.


She hasn't had trouble with itching again, and this could be unrelated .... but now for the past 5 days I have noticed peeling skin behind both her ears (doesn't seem bothered by it). It is still attached, but I can flake it off, which I did the first time, but it has all come back so I have left it.


I have the vet at the end of the week for a routine check up, but now wondering if I should bring it forward .... worried it might be mange or something..


Does it look familiar to anyone? Opinions welcome, thanks. :dunno



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This may be atopic dermatitis. My Lola has similar issues. She takes Apoquel daily to control itching.

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Yeah, I'd say it's related to whatever was causing the itching in the first place. You may want to talk with your vet about a referral to a canine allergist or dermatology specialist.

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