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New Greyhound To Our House Vomiting

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Hi all,

We have a new Greyhound in our house which we are in the process of adopting, not sure about the process in other places but in Australia all adoption agencies like to do a trial period for between 2 - 4 weeks.

We have had Ollie in our home since the afternoon of 13 January and all seemed fine, he was shy but that is understandable.

Yesterday (15/1) my wife told me that she woke to find a large pool of greenish slimy vomit which we put down to a new home, slowly introducing new food etc. However through the day he started vomiting clear liquid and consulting the information given to us we raised his water bowl.

Last night he refused his dinner and when I went to take him for his evening walk he got to the front yard put his tail between his legs and just wanted to go back inside.

We are of course taking him to the vet but I was wondering if there was anyone who had similar experiences or any advice.

We are feeding him the food he loved which his foster carers fed him mixed and sticking to their schedule which is two cups of dry in the morning and wet food at night.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are worried about our boy.

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Sounds like an empty stomach from not eating. It's not unusual for them to not eat when brought into a new situation, but they usually get hungry eventually. Typically that kind of liquid or bile is the result of an empty tummy. The signs of stress (tucked tail) are also there.


You might try something of high value or irresistible like some treats, or add something like a chopped up sardine into his food to get him to eat.


Also make sure that he is actually drinking, If he's not, add a splash of chicken broth to the water and see if he drinks. If he's vomiting and not drinking, you'll need to be alert for dehydration after a while.


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If he's just vomiting liquid and not uneaten/undigested food, it's probably as Don said - a too empty stomach. It might be from anxiety from moving to your house, and/or he may be getting more exercise with you, or a number of other factors.


Personally, I would split his meals differently so that he has a consistent amount to eat morning and night - kibble and canned food at both meals. You may also need to increase his food a little, or add a snack before bed.


No matter what I would get him to the vet and keep an eye on his hydration level.

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