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Sentinel Experience

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Weve had our boy for about four months. Earlier this week we gave him his quarterly dose of Sentinel. It was his second dose with us and he was receiving it at the adoption group. First time we didnt notice any side effects and had not experienced any with our previous pooch. This time our boy didnt eat for about 24 hrs and has had diarrhea for going on two days. He slept most of the weekend as well. Was very worried but hes improved today quite a bit. Was curious if others have experienced this and suggestions about alternatives to sentinel. As always thanks in advance.

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I am not sure if you did this, but, it is important to give with food. I let my guys eat and then give them their heart worm medicine.

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Dogs can develop sensitivities to the main ingredient in the medication. You could switch him to Heartgard which is an ivermectin based treatment instead of the milbemycin oxime in Sentinel.

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Ask your vet if he sees this in his other patients.

I had dogs who had diarrhea within 24 hours of taking a Heartgard Plus dose. It was so predictable, I'd postpone the dose if rain was in the forecast so we could avoid standing miserably in the rain all day. The dogs were fine with the med itself; it was the flavoring that got them.

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