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Limping Back Leg After Walk

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I took my 4 year old ex racer on a slightly more ambitious walk than usual at the weekend - he gets quite a lot of exercise in general (for a greyhound anyway), 1 or 2 sprints a day (when he feels like it) plus at least an hour or two of walking a day. He can normally cover about 5 miles a day with no problems, and has done a 10 mile walk with no complaints (just followed by a few days snoozing!)


At the weekend we did about 6 miles, but up some hills and a bit of rocky terrain. He seemed perfectly happy at the time, was skipping around at the top of hills etc but that evening he started to limp on his back leg. I checked his pads for damage and there's nothing I can see or feel. It does seem to be worse when he's just woken up, which could mean it's muscular? Otherwise, perhaps he just feels it more when he wakes up then gets used to it being a bit painful? He's not tatting at his paw or leg at all, so it's hard to tell which bit is actually causing him the issue


I've tried to feel his leg / flex his joints and he doesn't appear to be in any pain - likewise he doesn't cry when he puts weight on it (which he will, seemingly happily, do after a little while of being awake) but he can be a bit stoic about these things. Previously he cut his paw badly on glass and it didn't bother him in the slightest - not a whimper or any sulking at all.


It doesn't seem to be getting worse, but I'm worried as he can be a bit stoic, he might just be getting used to it being uncomfortable, rather than it actually getting better.


Does anyone have any tips for checking for damage / things to watch out for? Or any idea when I should start to see signs of improvement or anything I can do to help him out?

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sore pads? there is a difference from street walking to trails. my dogs have experienced that.


check for a corn, but most likely it's the terrain. in a couple of days your pup should be fine and keep up those great walks. now that mine are 10 and really arthritic the 6 miles has diminished to 3-4 on more rugged terrain.

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Sounds like a weekend warrior syndrome, a little too much than he's used to. Even I feel a little more aches after hiking when I haven't in a while. It makes sense that it's bad when he's just getting back up. Monitor and see how he is in a couple days - could just be sore from the activity - or similarly as mentioned above, sore pads.

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