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Valium (Diazepam) Questions

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Hi all: We are traveling in our RV and my female Carrera is worse than ever when riding (shakes, drools, pants, etc..). I usually have given her children's Benadryl and or Rescue Remedy....well nothing has helped this trip. I called my Vet and told her the situation, she sent us an RX for the Diazepam 10mg, I wanted to asked for Xanax (as recommended by other pet owners here) but since we are in another State thought it best to try this till we get home & not complicate the matter. So......should I give her a dose about 30 minutes prior to drive off? Does anyone have experience with this? I sure hope it works because she is miserable, then to top it off we had a huge thunder & lightening storm last night, none of us got any sleep (except my male Recon).

Happy to hear any suggestions....thank you. :ghplaybow

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Diazepam should work much the same as alprazolam, if she has had that before. If not, just beware that it may or may not work, like any anti anxiety drug. If you're traveling make sure to google ahead on your route to find any emergency vets you would be able to stop in, just in case of a bad reaction. This probably won't happen, but it's always good to be prepared.


Give it 20-30 minutes before you're going to leave, while she is NOT already anxious. It is definitely less effective if given after the dog has started to react.

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Give it a bit in advance, be prepared for it to burn off quickly. It's supposed to be fairly long lasting in humans, but Leo burns through it in about 1.5 hours (not sure if that's greyhound specific, my vet says it's not typical for dogs). I think he'd burn through Xanax in about 5 minutes. Assuming a normal sized greyhound, 10mg is a normal dose.

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No experience with diazepam, but we've found that frequent little treats help distract our boy from his car anxiety. When he's at his most anxious we give him a tiny treat every 5 miles, which is enough to distract him and keep him looking forward to the next tiny treat. It's amazing the difference it makes!



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