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Onset Separation Anxiety

Guest Bagel

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Guest Bagel

For the first month, my 2 1/2 year old boy was okay being left alone for up to about 6 hours (long enough for my class days, or a night shift).


However, about a week and a half ago, he was bitten on the snout by a little dog (very very minor, hardly bled), and after having left him home alone that night, I came back to him crying & my dirty clothes hamper thrown all over the house. Since then, he's been having real trouble when I leave - even if it's just to the backyard for 10 minutes.


My next door neighbor works at home and is very understanding, and let's me know whenever he's been crying.


I've been trying different things - frozen bone, frozen Kong, crate, no crate, dirty clothes for scent, always TV or radio, and still he's having a hard time.


Today, I came home and he had somehow opened the back door which leads to the utility room, scratched at the walls, peed in the kitchen, and he's been crying since I left for class.


I need help.

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You need to start over as if he is a new dog in your home. He had a trauma that caused him to lose his confidence, and he needs some work to gain it back.


Take this weekend to focus on him and do some concentrated Alone Training. And make sure he's good and tired from a long walk or play session before you leave. A DAP diffuser and collar can really help them feel better too.

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I'm going to suggest it MAY have nothing to do with the nip on the nose (my opinion only) but might be related to the length of time you've had him.


Dogs go through a lot of changes and phases. It seems to me that at a month and a half mark, he is probably attached to you, and therefore wants to spend time with you more than he did before he knew you.


If you work and go to class at night, how much exercise is this young man getting? It's not easy when you have lots on your plate to set aside enough time for long walks. He's a very young dog, and the more exercise you give him, the more inclined he will be to snooze when you're gone.


Also, dogs are super routine oriented. If he is used to a certain schedule, and the schedule changes, that could be enough to throw him off.


Can you try walking him for at least 30 minutes before you leave him? Does your neighbor like dogs? Maybe he'd like a companion while he works at home!


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Guest Bagel

He gets a ton of exercise, we usually walk about 1.5-2 hours a day. The neighbor, who has 3 dogs of her own, has offered to watch him while I'm in class, which is a great temporary fix - but I work evenings and might not be able to leave him there til 11/12 at night, so I still need to work on his separation problems.

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