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Strategies For Keeping Rear Thigh Covered

Guest KayGreat

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Guest KayGreat

Hi! Our guy Diego has allergies that cause him to lick the insides of his legs until sores form. We're working on getting that sorted out .


In the meantime, the sneaky guy managed to hide or lose the one pair of pants that stayed on him comfortably.


We've got some 4-leg pajamas on order that I hope will be a longer term solution. The other pants we've tried have elastic that hits right at the base of his sheath, so I think they're probably uncomfortable.


Can anyone suggest a good way of rigging a rear leg cover for a male dog? We've done OK with a women's xs long sleeve v-neck for keeping one front leg covered, but I think a sleeve will be too narrow for his rear legs.


Thanks for any ideas? We don't sew or have equipment to do anything but hand-sew but we have lots of vetwrap.


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