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Too Much Cheese ?

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Ruby has always been a picky eater and the older she gets, the pickier she has become. She was losing quite a bit of weight and we were trying all kinds of additives on her food. We have discovered that if we put shredded cheese or Parmesan on her food with a little water, she will eat all of the food both morning and night. Her ribs are starting to disappear, so I know she has gained a bit.

I am wondering if this is OK or is this too much fat for her ? I also use low sodium beef broth often and am wondering if that is too much sodium ? She does have a heart murmur, but no other issues except behavior ones.


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I don't know about the cheese, but Herbox makes a powdered form of beef broth that is sodium free. It comes in a small jar to measure out, or in a box of one-cup individual serving envelopes. If it is not available in your area, I'd be happy to send you some.

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Cheese: It depends on how much you use. I don't buy fancy Parmesan cheese, being satisfied with Kraft (I knowwwww.... it doesn't taste like "real" Parm cheese, but it's fine for my uses). Anyway, it has 75 mgs. of salt per 2 teaspoons. That's a lot of cheese, IMO, so if you give 1 tsp, that's about 37 mg of salt per serving, which sounds fine to me. Also, Parm cheese has almost no fat so I wouldn't worry.


Regarding shredded cheese: Are you using sharp cheddar, mozzarella, etc., and again, how much are you giving her? If you're buying packaged cheese, the mgs. of sodium will be listed. Also, again, a small amount won't have too much fat in it.


I sprinkle Parm cheese on Annie's food once in a while to give her a different taste. The sprinkle isn't even half a teaspoon. I also give her thin slices of cheddar cheese on her food once in a while. The amount of cheddar is so little that it won't weigh in on my highly sensitive food scale.


Bottom line for me is if you're not giving her much at all, and she has no medical condition which is counter to it, I wouldn't worry about the cheese.

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