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Cleaning Ears

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My greyhounds spend a lot of time in our fenced yard now that the weather has gotten nice here in New England. They enjoy digging and laying in holes but as a result, they're ears are a bit dirty - not bad but with a little dirt in the crevices of the ear. I clean them with a cotton ball damp with water but wanted to check in to see if there's anything I should add to the water to help with the cleaning. Thanks!



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I used to use a crumpled-up baby wipe for Doc's ears - they provide a little more cleaning power than plain water, but nothing that could hurt.

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Guest normaandburrell

I have used a crumpled up baby wipe. To get deep in the ears you might get some ear cleaning solution. Iceman will scream like I am killing him if I just drip the solution in. So I start to massage his ears at the base, and once he starts to really moan with pleasure, I drop a little solution in.

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You can also *carefully* use a cotton swab to clean in the crevices and down a bit deeper than your finger can reach.


My technique: Be outside and wear old clothes. Drip a good amount of ear cleansing fluid into BOTH ears - DO NOT let them shake their head yet. Massage fluid down into both ears. Let go and step back about 10 feet. They will shake their head vigorously, getting out most of the extra fluid and some of the dirt. Use cotton balls, cotton swabs, facial tissues or whatever to wipe out the ear from the inside towards the outer, ending with wiping off the ear flap itself. They will most likely shake again, so step away from the quickly. It's very helpful to have someone hold the dog while someone else cleans the ears.


Unless your dog is particularly sensitive around the ear area, you can dig fairly hard to get the dirt out. Some dogs will have ear-gasms and groan in pleasure during the process. Many won't enjoy it that much, but I've only had a few be really resistant and hard to clean.

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