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Guest Ashie

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Guest Ashie

Hey everyone!

I am new to this site! I have 2 greyhounds, a male (Booth, who is 4) and female ( Lou Lou, who is 7)!

They are the loves of my life!!! :beatheart



This morning, Lou Lou was going potty down a hill and I am not sure if she slipped or what happened, but she started limping. I thought maybe she had a sticker in her paw, so I checked it 5 times just to be sure. Well we got inside and she started licking and biting at it, so I started pushing on the various areas of the paw, and she yelped! :ohno

So, I iced it this morning and gave her some medication to calm her down. I only work a half day today, so I will be going home to spend time with her.


I don't know if it is a sprain or if it could be more serious? I am not sure if anyone on here had the same problem and could offer some advice?




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