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Dino's Platelet Count Has Droped

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SO I know Grey's can have lower then other breads, but Dino's count has dropped from ~150 to 93 in a year.


We are going back in two weeks for another blood panel.


Ok a little back ground. Dino is 6.5 yr old large male with a minor hart murmur we discovered last year, we went to the cardiologist he suggested that Dino was in fact a Greyhound and should take up lure coursing.


He raced until he was 4 at weight of 82-85 lbs.and in retirement he got up to 95lbs but we now have him back down to 86 lbs.


About 2 months ago he hurt his rear left leg,

We are not sure how DW came home and he was standing on his bed with his left rear leg up.

It took about a month for him to get back to 90%


No real change in diet, except we switched from fish oil to coconut oil and more fruit in his breakfast.


So my question is there something dietary I could be doing or some other symptoms/causes I should be looking into?


Thanks again



Dino and Stella

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I've got the detailed lab results from last year's test on my very healthy 7-year-old boy. His platelet count was 137 K/uL, but the reference range was 80-150, so Dino's 93 might not be that scary, depending on what else was going on at the time the two tests were taken.


Yes, you want to talk to the vet, but I'm not sure Dino's current results warrant a diet change or too much worry.

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You need to find out if there was platelet clumping and if so was a manual count performed. Platelets like to hang out together-like teenagers hanging out in a shopping mall :-). Clumping makes it impossible for an automatic analyzer determine an accurate count.

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Has your vet checked for tick-borne diseases?


Also, I'd definitely want to have his kidney function checked. Our Duke had an unexplained decrease in platelets several months before he developed a fatal blood clot. Turned out he had undiagnosed kidney disease. :( Don't go on just blood work alone; have them take a urine sample and check his UPC (urine protein to creatinine ratio). Duke was just shy of his 8th birthday.

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