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Manuka Honey As A Treat?

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I bought a jar of manuka honey to keep for emergeny application for boo-boos but I smeared some on their bowls last night in place of the usual peanut butter and they loved it. Is there anything contraindicated for giving it to them to eat? I am not aware of any allergies to bee stings.

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Honey is basically sugar, with all the same negative health effects. A very small amount may not hurt, but it's not something I would give as treat myself except perhaps as a lick of a spoon now and then.


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I add a tiny bit of (relatively low grade) manuka honey to Doc's dinner each day, in the belief that it helps the old chap's digestive health and immune system.


As Hawthorn says, if you are giving it as a treat, bear in mind that it is basically sugar, and don't overdo it!

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