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Hello All, Some Help Please?

Guest healthyliving

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Guest healthyliving

Hi all,


Glad to be here. I'm a graduate student finishing up my Masters. I will be done in May, starting work in early July.


Based on my circumstances (dog allergies [fine with greyhounds]!, full time job coming up, and the free time between May and July), I think that it would be the perfect time to adopt my greyhound before I go off to work. This would afford me the time to get to know him/her.


My question is mainly, what do you think? Should I wait until I begin working to truly understand the demands of this post-graduate job (likely working 8-5, 9-6 and unable to come home midday)? I'd spend mornings/nights/weekends with the dog.


If I do wait, I won't have another large amount of time off for about a year (3 day weekends and national holidays are likely it).


I've done more research about greyhounds than is likely normal so I just wanted your expert opinions on my situation!


By the way, I will be living in a 2BR good sized apartment with a roommate/friend who is okay with dogs. Thank you all in advance!!!

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Welcome to GT! :)


The extra time can be very helpful for a new transition, but many people adopt at the beginning of a 3-day weekend. Either way, it's extremely important to begin very brief periods of alone training within the first 2-3 days (only brief minutes away, but practicing many times each day). It can be difficult to build up too fast before a full work week.


Initially, I recommend business outings every 2 hours on Day one (during daytime hours), stretching it to 2.5 to 3 hours on Day two. Each day thereafter usually becomes easier (unless the dog has medical or transition issues requiring more frequent outings).


The most important thing to consider is your dog will likely need a mid-day potty break (by someone), especially a new arrival. Our group recommends business outings about every 4-6 hours during the days. Some dogs who are well adjusted and have lived in their home for a long time can last longer; however, most dogs should not be forced to wait an entire work day before being able to eliminate. Daytime hours are not the same as overnight hours. Many Greyhounds (especially older hounds) sleep a lot, but they awaken much more often during the daytime. It really depends on the dog. Your adoption group should be able to find you an appropriate match for your living situation.


I'm sure others will chime in with their thoughts too. Welcome to the wonderful world of Greyholunds! :)

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We adopted our hound in a similar situation about this time two years ago - I was finishing my Ph.D. and was starting work in June. I think our guy would have been just fine with adjusting over a long weekend, but having several months worked out very well to get Marvin adjusted to spending his days during the work week at home alone. When I first started working full-time, either my fiancé or I did come home at lunch for the first couple of weeks to take him out and check on him. Over a couple of months after adoping Marvin, and in talking with our adoption group, we helped Marvin build up to "holding it" all day with no trouble. Now, we can take him out midday, but that't no guarantee he'll do everything you want him to, since his schedule says, "I go out and do both right after breakfast and then right after/before dinner". Congratulations on finishing school, and also on deciding to adopt a greyhound!

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We have always gotten new dogs and just kept going with our lives. We never took any time off. Granted the first two came into our lives while I was still in school so there were days when I might not be gone a whole day. Kili we got as an 8 week old and she just came to work with me every day. She stayed downstairs in the kennel room so she got used to being alone, and I took her out hourly to potty... so that was kind of alone training for her. Everyone else just had to adapt. Our experience has been that most seem to be able to do that. The ones that have trouble with it are the ones that have separation anxiety... which unfortunately you can't know unless the dog is coming from a foster home.


I like the long weekend strategy. It has never worked out for us but I think it is ideal. It affords you the time to see how the dog is and to do some short absences. Adopting a dog when you ave A LOT of time off can be asking for separation anxiety if not handled properly. It can be hard to always remember tht you need to be leaving the dog alone even on days when you don't really want to go anywhere.


All in all, most hounds settle in and adapt to our schedules.

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I am a school teacher and always thought about adopting on my summers off but that did not happen, even once. We currently have 3 hounds because the 4th has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Everyone came in late September. If you adopt between the time you graduate and start your job, just remember to leave him/her alone for a bit each day so that when you do start to work, he/she doesn't feel abandoned.


Good Luck!

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My personal thoughts are that you could change jobs/apartments many times in your first few years just done with school for lots of reasons. I have experienced first hand the difficulty of finding housing with a large dog.


I think waiting until you're settled is a good idea.


Just my 2 cents!


Also, spending too much time with a new dog can be counter productive. They get used to having you around all the time, and then you start to disappear all day--great receipe for creating separation anxiety.


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Guest NoleHoney

I totally agree with "adopt and keep going with your life". I'm a teacher and adopted Spice over the summer, as I thought it would be easier, being home with her, spending time together, transitioning. Well. Things actually started to click for us when I went back to school and we had a routine. Even on weekends, I've found sleeping in just 2 hours kind of throws her a bit- as far as feedings and trips outside go. Of course, if we go on an adventure, she's all in! I'm excited/anxious to see how this summer goes with no real routine, since I'll have had hear nearly a year.


Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

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