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Head Resting

Guest carriej

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Guest carriej

Hi Folks,



Chance has started "resting" his head (usually while standing) on us, the furniture, chairs, etc. At first it was just us; so I didn't think much of it... However I would walk in a room and catch him doing it to the chair or couch or whatever?


What do you think?

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Sounds just like our Kim, on the day that we went with our other grey to adopt her - the rescue centre manageress said she likes to put her head on your hand and rest it there. Kim is superb at doing this; she rests her head on you so you will stroke her, if you don't she nuzzels her head into you until you do. So cute; and because it is so cute she gets the reaction that she wants - a stroke and a neck rub.


she rests her head on furniture and gives us the greyhound eye, stoke me please, look how cute I am.


Manipulative and clever little madam that she is. Such a sweet heart and so smart. :rolleyes:

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