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Adaptil (Dap) Collar


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About 2 years ago, walking at Dow Park, Ginger heard a very loud high pithed whistle from an excercise group and she absolutely freaked out, spun around and would not go in any direction but back to the car. Ever since she will not walk there, planting all four legs and straining back toward the car. We have not been able to walk her there ever since, even when it is all quiet.

Lately she has started to do the same whenever she hears kids yelling in their high pitched voices at any of our favorite parks that she loved before. We are reduced to walking in those parks weekdays only.
Our vet has suggested something called an Adaptil collar, containing a calming pheromone (DAP ) to try to get her over this fear.
Has anyone out there used this, and if so, with what results?
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An Adaptil (DAP) plug-in absolutely saved us when Brooks had his original bouts of S.A. It came highly recommended from our adoption group and was definitely useful when we brought Kali in directly from the track. So the concept of Adaptil itself is definitely solid. Even if it's not a panacea, there's no harm in including it.


As for wearing a collar with the Adaptil product, I'd be sure to ask about whether the collar's chemical composition might cause a skin reaction. Some of the collars used for flea and tick prevention (e.g. Scalibor) have terrible side effects for greyhounds, as seen here.

Drew and occasionally DW Melody, with Rosie (AMF Ready Made) and Marvin (Bella Riddick) in Louisville. Forever missing Brooks (KC Bastone) and Kali (Swish).

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We suggest DAP collars (sometimes in combination with rescue remedy)to every galgo adopter that is somewhat traumatized.
I prefer them over medicating a dog.
Success varies, but it often gives just enough support to take the edges of whatever freaks them out.

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