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My new vet wants to give Tracker Sentinel for heartworm prevention. He's been on Heartgard Plus for years. Is Sentinel safe for Greyhounds? Also, Sentinel contains a flea repellent; I feel if I treat him with Frontline Plus anyways, at least during the summer months, why give an additional drug ingredient with the heartworm preventive monthly that he won't even need?

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I give Sentinel (also switched from Heartgard Plus) and Comfortis with no ill effects. My very grey-savvy, grey-owning vet prescribed them both, so I have no concerns about safety. I also wondered about the extra flea preventative, but I live in the south and have never seen a flea on Sweep, so I won't mess with success!


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I just switched to Sentinel last month. I believe it was Hubcitypam who said she had been using it for years, and she also used Frontline with it, with no ill effects. In my area of the country Frontline has been failing. It hasn't happened to me yet, so I figure the extra flea protection will be a good thing.

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