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Recently Adopted Greyhound - Dry Skin And Gasesous

Guest adbyerly

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Guest adbyerly

We recently adopted our first greyhound. He is doing great except recently he has been licking the insides of this legs a lot and trying to scratch his head, as if he has dry skin. The insides of his legs are becoming red. He also has been passing a lot of gas recently and his second poop of the day has been really soft. What can we do?



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Sounds like he might have a food allergy, or some type of intolerance. Have you recently switched his food or treats? What and how much is he eating a day? Is he just off the track or from a foster home? Excessive gas and itching can have the same cause or separate causes, too.


For what it's worth, poops can get progressively softer throughout the day, and that's perfectly normal. What isn't normal is watery diarrhea, or poops that leave just a puddle on the ground.

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How long have you had him? How long ago was he neutered? What are you feeding? When was his last vet check?


If this is a very recent adoption give him time to adjust to his food, presuming it's different than what he got from your adoption group.


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All of the above are good questions and suggestions.

I would suggest a vet visit since you just have them. Make sure to bring a stool sample. It's not uncommon for adopted dogs to have some form of worms or parasites.


As far as the itching,

The food we feed our dog has a lot of reviews on Amazon as solving food allergies.


We feed our Dogs Earthborn Coastal formula.

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