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Sitting On Command!

Guest javakaty

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Guest javakaty

So proud today - our Nica started sitting on command. She'll only do it on a rug or on her bed (the rest of our house is tile and hardwood), and it is more like a sideways plop than a gentle sit, but she's doing it!!!


We took her to puppy class a couple months ago, and she would sit if we eased her down by petting/pushing on the back of her legs, but since she never actually sat on her own I didn't work on it with her. Recently she has been sitting a lot more as she goes to lay down, or in the back of the car, so this morning I decided to work with her on it. She picked up on it really quickly, and we've revisited several times with hours in between, so I think she has learned it! Next step is getting her to do it in places other than sitting on her bed.


The trainer we took her to was encouraging other people to work with their dogs for a straight-sit (not sideways flopped). I think I'm fine with her sideways sit - and would rather move on to other skills than perfect her sit into a form that she has never done naturally. Anyone out there have thoughts on this? I don't have any interest in "showing" her, but want to make sure I'm not overlooking something.


The initial sit (pardon the junk in the background...making her a jacket :-))




and what the sit falls into after less than 30 seconds..



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Guest LunaTheGreyt

What a good girl! Luna does the sideways sit after a while, too. :) If you're not planning on competing with her I don't think there's any reason to force a "perfect" sit. It took me one short session to teach Luna to sit on her bed and one more to get her to sit on carpet and hardwood. Now she'll sit anywhere!

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If you don't care don't see any reason to push for the upright sit. Although it would probably be easy enough to fix it if you want. But especially if you want to work on sit stays, the sideways sit may be more comfortable and make it easier for you.


Violet prefers the sideways version. She does the upright one more often outside when she's aroused, which of course means she's more likely to pop back up although we've worked a lot recently on rewarding for longer durations of the sit. She'll do it, but I notice that sometimes her legs shake a little so if she wants to "flop" I don't care.


Congrats on getting the sit on cue. :)


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What a beauty! And a lovely sit!


No reason to teach a straight-up sit unless you plan to compete in traditional AKC obedience. :)

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