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Seperating Frozen Chicken Backs

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I'm so happy. I dropped by my neighborhood meat shop today and they gave me nearly 10 pounds of frozen chicken backs for FREE!

Now I'm faced with the puzzle of how to separate the backs while keeping them frozen since I was given two 5lb bags and I don't want to thaw out 5 pounds in one go. They are frozen together pretty solidly so I haven't been able to pull them apart.

Any one have any ideas?

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Yes- you can refreeze.


Just an fyi- chicken backs have too much bone, not enough meat. Make sure you are giving more meat or you will have a constipated pup.

Most raw feeders don't recommend feeding backs.


Kari and the pups.
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Thaw them out and refreeze

I get them in 6 lbs blocks

Is it safe to refreeze?

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