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  1. Will be relocating to TN soon and I would appreciate any advice regarding flea/tick preventives. I have just looked up NexGard and their FAQ states "Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures." I have two that fit the bill and would love to hear what others with similar concerns use. We have not needed to use any preventative in AZ. Naturally my Vet just left town on vacation, I will check with her in a couple of weeks. Also -- have you had any success with the ant/flea treatments for yards? My son says he's been treating the yards for a couple of years and hasn't seen any pests on their dogs. Thanks for your help. Jody
  2. Good to know about the UT school --- I'll definitely keep that in mind!
  3. Yikes-- that sounds so grim. I've spoken to one in the area that does actually have grey clients so that's a starting point at least. I'm quite familiar with the conditions of each of mine and will thankfully retain a lifeline to our former vet. I hope it works out but I won't hesitate to keep interviewing if I feel the need. Speaking out for my hounds is NOT a problem Thanks for your advice, I respect your opinion.
  4. Can anyone recommend a greyhound savvy vet in the Harriman area? I have 2 seizure boys and a 13 year old that I care deeply about Oh, and the dopey 2 year old too. Thanks - Jody
  5. Jimmie has been getting 64.8 morning and night along with potassium bromide and keppra for years. He gets thirsty, but not sloppy or drunk. Then he takes giant naps anyway so I honestly can't detect a reduction in energy My vet has treated 3 epileptic greyhounds for me and is not hesitant to refer us to a neuro doc in the PhX metro area. We go to Celeste Flannery, Airpark Animal Hospital in Cottonwood. I'm sure she'd be happy to give you some contact info -- tell her Jimmie sent you Happy to talk about it if you'd like. Jody
  6. Tigerlily is a 7 mo girl that leaves no stuffed toy unmolested and she loves to chew on steer hooves and marrow bones.
  7. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with the liquid PB, that sounds awful! Jimmie takes the 500 mg tablets of PB and 1.5 tabs of pheno twice a day so I feel very fortunate that I found the magic formula for him is cream cheese. He is totally believing that I give him a gifts of love each time he gets them Not sure what I'd try to disguise it besides what's been suggested, maybe a big gob of chunky peanut butter?? Best of luck with your sweet boy.
  8. I'm sorry about your girl. My 9 year old has lost two "siblings" so far and both have been tough for her. The first was the one she was closest to, but she is also a reclusive, quirky sort of hound and not quite as affectionate as the others have been. When the first hound left, Leah mourned with her head under the guest bed for a week, barely eating or interacting with me. She was inconsolable and miserable, so in came Chip. When he left 8 months later, Leah was once again dejected and miserable, so rightawayquick (two days later) we brought home a foster hound and although she never plays much with him, she relies on his company and is a much happier girl with him here. So my plan is to always know where to get a foster hound quickly -- who knows, maybe we'll give them back Best of luck.
  9. I'm so relieved to hear that they are taking a stand on this. Perhaps people will recognize the danger and start scrutinizing pet products more carefully because of this.
  10. The stepping stones worked great for us too, love the hydrant
  11. No advice here, just commiserating with your concerns and hoping for no more cluster seizures for your baby.
  12. Thank you for sharing your endless days of fun and love for your boy with us. I have so enjoyed his adventures and have admired your devotion to him and your other campers. Our deepest condolences. Jody, Leah & Jimmie
  13. Yep, we call the frozen necks popsicles here in the desert If they are the really large necks I will use the hedge loppers to halve them and then freeze them. I give them one to replace most of the evening meal about every other day. They still dance when they see me digging them out of the freezer
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