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7 Year Old Greyhound Presenting Grade 3 Heart Murmur And 11.5" Vhs

Guest stephsox

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Guest stephsox

At her final health screening for our 5000 mile move, the vet noticed a heart murmur and suggested we get x-rays after the move. We insisted on going ahead and getting them done beforehand and we just got back from the appointment and are unsure of what to do.

The vet found a grade 3 heart murmur and a VHS of 11.5. We are scheduling a cardiogram ASAP, and started delving into the internet to try to find people with similar issues and information from reliable sources.


So far we've found a number of articles and websites stating that 11.5 VHS is in the normal range for a Greyhound and that a murmur is not terribly uncommon. Her lungs were completely fine, no heartworms present, etc, and she is otherwise healthy. She's not any more lethargic than she normally is (lazy as usual) and isn't presenting with coughing, etc.


We're torn and just have no idea how to handle the situation. We have absolutely no choice but to move ourselves on Thursday, August 15th. But now we have no idea what we can do about Fenway.


About 8 years ago, my family owned a Wheaten Terrier that we found out (after the fact) had an enlarged heart and after flying her from Atlanta to Las Vegas, she passed away within about a week. This is obviously coloring my interpretation of what is presenting with Fenway and I'm absolutely terrified.


I'm not even sure what I'm asking for here. We're definitely going to follow up with the cardiogram, but knowing that greyhounds are such a particular breed, I just wanted to check in with other owners who might have some insight and maybe ask for some prayers and positive thoughts our way :(


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Heart murmurs are notoriously misdiagnosed in greyhounds, so the cardiogram to confirm it (or not) is a great idea. I'm not sure where you are or what's available in your area, but if available, a referral to a veterinary cardiologist might not be a bad idea.


My Lucy (six years old) also has a Grade 3 murmer, confirmed via EKG by a cardiologist with greyhound experience. It's her opinion that at this point, Lucy doesn't need any meds or treatment. She does get geriatric blood work (which is a more complete workup than regular blood work) every six months, and a cardiology exam/EKG every eighteen months. It's been about two years since she was diagnosed, and fortunately, her murmer has remained about the same with no signs of heart enlargement.

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Heart murmurs are very common in GHs and she may not need any medication at this time. The cardiologist can advise you on that. Are you planning to fly her? I understand your caution, I had a Boston Terrier that died at 6 from an unknown enlarged heart (no flying involved), but I also had a greyhound with heart problems, first diagnosed at 8 yrs, who lived to be 12 1/2, so it can be managed. I hope it turns out to be a minor issue!

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Personally I would not fly a Grey with a heart condition. Where are you flying to/from? While I agree with others, a heart murmur is 'common' in Greys, it also can't be taken lightly until you have all the facts. Our angel Jack went from a 2/3 in November and was gone in June the next year and that is after being on a number of drugs so obtaining accurate information from a Cardiologist would be your best bet. I know that some vets will name a murmur a 2 while some will name it a 3 so it seems there is some interpretation on their parts. I hope it's nothing serious.

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