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X-Ray Vs Ultrasound

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Technical question for you medical types. Are there things that can be seen in an x-ray that don't show up in an ultrasound? I know you can see things in the ultrasound that don't show up x-rays, but how about the other way around?

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on xrays you can see bones and organs (you can see blood vessels if you inject contrast media in the veins)

ultra-sounds shows more organs, blood vessels..soft tissues...

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X-ray is better for some types of foreign bodies and for the big picture. With ultrasound, you usually have to know @ where to look.

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xray is for things that bounce back light - bones for sure, some foreign bodies: bone, rocks, solid things really. You can see some organs but not great detail usually because the rays are absorbed (sort of). Ultrasound is for things that move like the heart or good for liquid-y things like identifying cysts or abscesses and yes, it's best to already have an idea where to look and what you might be looking for.


Then there are the "soft tissue xrays" or "3d xrays" which are the laypersons terms I was taught to try and help non medical persons understand (loosely) CT, MRI and PET imaging.

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