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Diarrhea & No Appetite

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Not sure what is going on with Ruby lately and wasn't sure if this should go here or in Food. Ruby's appetite hasn't been very good the last few weeks and this weekend we left her 1 night at the kennel. She didn't eat her food the morning we dropped her off and when we picked her up the next day, the bag of food didn't look like it had been touched. They said she acted fine and peed and pooped normally. Last night for dinner she only ate a few bites. At 5 AM I heard her whining (not normal for her at all) and let her out to go pottty and she ran to the trees and had diarrhea. I decided not to give her breakfast this morning. I did give her a Milkbone cookie a little while ago and she ate it eagerly and is acting OK. She is wormed monthly and we had her poo checked about a month ago at her regular check up.

What should I be looking for ? Is she just being picky (happened before) or do you think there is more to it ? She doesn't seem to have gas. Would you try switching food to see if she would eat better ? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.


edited to add - I did call her vet and they didn't seem concerned unless the diarrhea continues or she is losing a lot of weight.

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She's not just being picky if she's having diarrhea. Watch to make sure she doesn't become dehydrated. Try giving her a plain Pepcid (generic is famotidine)--10 mg--about 30 to 40 minutes before meal time to see if that helps settle her stomach. If the diarrhea continues, she may need a vet visit.


If she's been fine on her food until this point, don't change that. And you might want to steer clear of Milk Bones and other treats until she's got a healthy quantity of regular food in her stomach (and don't withhold breakfast). If she got something unusual (like extra treats or something) while she was boarded this weekend, it could have unsettled her stomach.

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I have Pepcid and will give her one. I did feed her dinner tonight, gave her plain white rice that was overboiled and a small amount of kibble. She seems fine and has not poo'ed since eating. Hoping she will go tonight before bed. She has had water several times today so she is OK with that part of it. We had to change food when all the recalls happened and she has never really loved the new food. It does agree with her stomach though and at first she ate it well. It has just been the last few weeks that she has been picky about it. I called the kennel and asked if she may have gotten into another dogs food but they assured me that she didn't and that they only feed what you bring. I know she is allergic to beef and the only other time she had diarrhea was when a different kennel fed her cooked hamburger. She has been to this kennel 3 other times and has not had a reaction but she does have SA so you never know.

If it continues I will take her to the vet. Thanks for your replies.


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As already mentioned trying pepcid is a good idea. Personally, I have had a better response with Prilosec-one /day. My girl was off her food slightly a few weeks ago-very unusual for her but, with some added yummies like chicken breast and the Prilosec she's right as rain now.

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