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Goldsteins' Healing Center For Animals?

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Has anybody had their pet (dog or cat) as a long-distance patient of Dr. Robert Goldstein at the Healing Center for Animals in Westport, CT?

My cat (age 11), not my dog, has asthma on top of his FIV+ status (aka kitty HIV), and the Goldsteins were recommended to me by our integrative vet.

If so, what were your experiences? How much are the tests and meds?

I found a seemingly wonderful certified homeopathic vet, Jeff Feinman, but he wants to take Oscar off all his supplements, and my gut tells me my companion would do best with a more integrative approach, as he's done for the past few years.


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Don't know about the vet thing but I do know about my gut impressions/intuition. It has been my strong experience that I had better listen to what my "gut" is telling me because it is basically always right. If I go against my intuiton I usually regret it later. Just want to encourage you to "stick to your gut feelings"!

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I just read their website and it sounds like a giant mountain of quackery to me. :headwall :headwall


"The Healing Center for Animals can help your animal detoxify,thereby setting the stage for healing" WHAT? Pseudo-scientific nonsense. Detox indeed <_<


What kills me about places like this is that they openly state that their services are non-medical -- they don't even SEE your companion - yet they think they're somehow entitled to your money for.... what exactly?


Kerry with Lupin in beautiful coastal Maine. Missing Pippin, my best friend and sweet little heart-healer :brokenheart 2013-2023 :brokenheart 
Also missing the best wizard in the world, Merlin, and my sweet 80lb limpet, Sagan, every single day. 

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Dear Merlins Mum:

You're entitled to your own opinion, of course, and I'm not going to get into an argument here about the voracity of their methods. All I will say is that I, too, have been a very complex medical case for many years even before I nearly died because of a spill of an organophosphate tick dip (eventually taken off the market by the EPA) in '84. Totally screwed up my immune and neurological systems and impacted the development of the unborn child I was carrying. What you've referred to as "quackery" detox and homeopathy (in AZ, homeopaths have to be licensed) saved my life.

It's not uncommon for specialist vets to treat patients that are out-of-town. Typically, they work with local vets as the ones to do "hands-on" work. The specialists also depend on blood tests and owners' observations, as well as medical records and tests from the local vets, to treat their canine and feline patients.

I nearly died 3 times. Had I not been detoxed, treated homeopathically (now a patient of my former cardiologist MD who went on-staff at the American Medical College of Homeopathy), and supplemented with proper organic food and vitamin therapy, I wouldn't be here to even post this inquiry.

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Is this the same Goldstein that has the books out (Nature of Animal Healing?). I know some people who went to him for cancer treatments as that is what he is most known for. They both really liked him and their dogs did very well on his treatments. He works a lot through blood sample analysis from what I remember. I am not sure if this is the same guy or not though as I forget his first name. Sorry I can't be of much help :)

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